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I have to come back to this directory after "The Importance of Being Earnest" is over.

Script Analysis

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There are couple pages on Comedy and Comical in THR Theory and one page on Shakespare @ Script Directory. Also, Tragedy, Comedy and History plays on video pages.

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I will continue "Comedy - Shakespare - Biomechanics - Virtual Theatre" in 2004 with "The Taming of the Shrew" (main stage).


Shakespeare @ Amazon

Complete Shake:

12th Night

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12N Notes

Comedy Shakespeare
I wanted to use the text (copyright free) for a case study (acting, directing, drama).

The same with "3 Sisters"....

Consider it a web-book.

Comedy and Comical [ Theatre Theory ]

Wisdom of Errors

Aristotle on comic hero (below normal): social catharsis?

The "normal" can be open for analysis by moving up (tragedy) or down (comedy).

Physical World; the Poetics of Flesh.

Sex Games.

Body Speaks.

Headless Humans = Funny Animals.

Tragic Malvolio, supressed primitive desires. Triumph of the primitive surperseding the vulgar.

The role of the audience: the public makes it comtemporary.

Theatre Biomechanics: Style or Method?
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Meyerhold Formula

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