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Stage Directing Theory
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Chekhov After Chekhov: Doctor Anton Chekhov knew about hus TB since he was 24 and he became a writer and a humorist. This is his last day and last hour -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral"... UAF 2005 (Chekhov one acts) Costumes by Tara Maginnis *


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Chekhov and Method Acting.

Chekhov & Beckett: Modern and Postmodern

Four by Chekhov:

The Seagull

Three Sisters

The Cherry Orchard

Uncle Vanya

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Wedding & More


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Letters of Anton Chekhov to his family and friends by Anton Chekhov -- With a Biographical Sketch, Translated by Constance Garnett * eBooks@Adelaide 2004


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M. Chekhov -- Acting One: Fundamentals
2005: Total Acting & Total Directing *

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Twelve Plays (Oxford World's Classics) 0192836749 This collection of plays presents the fascinating minor works of Chekhov written during a period when the author was producing more serious prose fiction. Included are: On The High Road; Swan Song; The Bear; The Proposal; Tatyana Repin; A Tragic Role; The Wedding; The Anniversary; Smoking Is Bad For You; The Night Before The Trial; The Wood Demon; and Platonov.


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*** Use "3 Sisters" fragments for FARCES.05 -- Olga acts, Chekhov -- writes and acts (actor?) --

... "Those brief years are chronicled in a unique correspondence, consisting of roughly 400 letters each. (The collected letters are published in Russian, and have recently been translated into English by Jean Benedetti.) Born of their enforced separation, the correspondence spans five of those six years (1899-1904) and a remarkable period in theatre history - the birth of the Moscow Art Theatre and its production of Chekhov's four major plays, all starring Olga." Guardian *

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Chekhov: "All I wanted was to say honestly to people: 'Have a look at yourselves and see how bad and dreary your lives are!' The important thing is that people should realize that, for when they do, they will most certainly create another and better life for themselves. I will not live to see it, but I know that it will be quite different, quite unlike our present life. And so long as this different life does not exist, I shall go on saying to people again and again: 'Please, understand that your life is bad and dreary!'"
A few years ago UNESCO ran a survey to find out who is the most popular playwright today. He was the number one not only in Russia, Europe, USA, but in the world. His four plays translated into all known languages and he is considered to be the father of the modern drama.
The "Sisters" wasn't his first play and we can see it -- the mastery of what we call "psychological drama" (they, the great writers for the stage -- O'Neill, Williams, Miller, Pinter and even Mamet -- learn from him how to write about us, normal and ordinary souls).

See scenes and notes for my advanced Acting/Directing class (Spring 1999) or pages on Chekhov.

If you want to study life, not only theatre -- read Chekhov.

Anatoly Antohin

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Of course, this is my unofficial PR, see the real one at Theatre UAF. Also, I'm making "Shows Index Page to collect all the information/links I and you need for this production and the next season (1999-2000).

"3 Sisters" were written in 1900 -- one hundred years ago!

Unofficial Poster
and non-authorized by me the text of the play,
I'm working on it.
3 Sisters, Act I
Chekhov's Monologue
thr w/anatoly
Russian Theatre
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