How good is Chekhov understand when you teach Chekhov, or when you you stage chekhov after after twentieth century classics. [ After directing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ]. Is he good as Shakespeare?

As Sophocles?

... "Chekhov 4.5"? In ?

picasa chekhov [ images ]

  1. Act I
    • scene 1
    • scene 2 & so on
  2. Act II
    • scene 1
    • scene 2
[notes -- French scenes]

3 Sisters in Ethiopia?
2007-2008 -- Method Acting

NEW: 2007


3 Sisters

... first my web-supported show.
"Anton Chekhov pages"
* Russian Theatre I : Chekhov and Method Acting chekhov [ru] 8.18.07
3 Sisters, Take Two

Folks, I plan to work on the print edition of "The Three Sisters" and will be using this group for my notes (first drafts) for directory at -- character analysis and, so on.

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"Chekhov Pages" will be updated for THR215 Dramatic Literature Class, which I teach this fall again (see

There is more to this project [ new directory to watch or ]. I do not know how much could be done while I am teaching (and directing Stoppard's "R/G are Dead" in the Spring 2008), but I made a lot of web-changes during the summer and hope that webbing will be easier for me.

The drafts of "3 Sisters" I will be storing at and files will be downloadable (before I turn them into PDF format for publishing).

You are welcome to participate and comment, as always.

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