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Theatre UAF, Fall 1999

The Three Sisters
Anton Chekhov

Directed by Anatoly Antohin

Performance Dates: November 19 -- Dec. 5, 8.15 pm and at 2:00pm

SYNOPSIS (original):

Set in a provincial Russian city, the play focuses on the lives of three sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, young women of an affluent and educated Russian upper-middle class. Liberated from the need to work, the sisters struggle to construct a life that feels meaningful while surrounded by an array of soldiers, servants, husbands, suitors and lovers, all of whom constitute a distraction from the passage of time and the sisters' dream to return to their beloved Moscow. As in all of Chekhov masterpieces, much of the action in The Three Sisters takes place in between-the-lines, in the silences, gaps and tensions in human discourse that express so much about who we are and what we desire. In this sense, the play remains highly contemporary, and presents young actors with an incredible opportunity to develop their art.





Time -- Present
Place -- Created World


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Chekhov-One-Acts "Chekhov: Take 2" -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral", 1904 Anaton's death (new): last day, last hour. Six years since I directed "The Three Sisters" (why now and why the farces?)
Annensky about Chekhov (in Russian, the summer read), I envy the style -- very personal, almost if he himself wrote the play, as if he knows them, Masha, Olga, Irina... The secondary characters became the heroes, the jerks, the types from the comedies -- and we got the tragedy, Beckett only finished this journey.