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"The chief thing, my dear fellows, is to play it simply, without any theatricality: just very simply. Remember that they are all ordinary people." (Anton Pavlovich Chekhov [1860-1904]), 1896, Attributed advice to actors during a rehearsal of The Seagull.
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"When a man is unable to understand a thing, he ridicules it." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], Thoughts And Aphorisms, 13.5 (1886-1893).

Fall 2005: Chekhov-One-Acts "Chekhov: Take 2" -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral", 1904 Anton's death (new one-act): last day, last hour. Six years since I directed "The Three Sisters" (why now and why the farces?)
Annensky about Chekhov (in Russian, the summer read), I envy the style -- very personal, almost if he himself wrote the play, as if he knows them, Masha, Olga, Irina... The secondary characters became the heroes, the jerks, the types from the comedies -- and we got the tragedy, Beckett only finished this journey... Now -- The American mini-Chekhov!

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[ Chekhov After Chekhov: Doctor Anton Chekhov knew about his TB since he was 24 -- and he became a writer and a humorist. This is his last day and last hour -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral"... ]



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"Man was given two ears and one tongue, so that he may listen more than speak." (HASDAI, Ben ha-Melekh ve-ha-Nazir)
"I shall laugh my bitter laugh." (Nikolai Gogol [1809-1852], Epitaph on his tombstone.
MASHA. When you get happiness by snatches, by little bits, and then lose it, as I'm losing it, by degrees one grows coarse and spiteful... [Points to her bosom] I'm boiling here inside... [Looking at ANDREY, who is pushing the baby carriage] Here's our Andrey... All our hopes are shattered. It's like thousands of people raised a huge bell, a lot of money and of labour was spent on it, and it suddenly fell and smashed. All at once, for no reason whatever. That's just how it is with Andrey...

[ 3 Sisters, Act 4 ] "Art is not a handicraft, it is a transmission of feeling the artist has experienced." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], What Is Art? (1898) "The wise man hears one word--and understands two."

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"Moscow...what surge that sound can start/In every Russian's heart." (Alexander Pushkin [1799-1837]), Eugene Onegin (1833), Chapter 4, Stanza 40.
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"But profound as psychology is, it's a knife that cuts both ways." (Fdor Mikhailovich Dostoevski [1825-1881]), The Brothers Karamazov (1879-1880), Book 2, Chapter 12.
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"Brevity is the sister of talent." (Anton Pavlovich Chekhov [1860-1904]), Letter to Alexander Chekhov, 11 April 1889.

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"[Father Zossima asks:] How many ideas have there been in the history of man which were unthinkable ten years before they appeared?" ." (Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevski [1825-1881]), The Brothers Karamazov (1879-1880), Book 6, Chapter 2.

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"Art is a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], What Is Art? (1898), Chapter 8.


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