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"A Hero Of Our Time, gentlemen, is indeed a portrait, but not of a single individual; it is a portrait composed of all the vices of our generation in the fullness of their development." (Mikhail Lermontov [1814-1841], A Hero Of Our Time (1841), Author's Introduction.
Solyony means "solty"....

He is in love with Irina -- and more important, she suppresses her love for him.

He probably understand more than all of them together.

SOLYONY. How strange. Are you alone here?

IRINA. Yes [a pause]. Good night.

SOLYONY. I behaved tactlessly, without sufficient restraint just now. But you're not like other people, you're pure and noble, you see the truth. You alone can understand me. I love you, I love you deeply, infinitely...

IRINA. Good night! You must go.

SOLYONY. I can't live without you [following her]. Oh, my joy! [Through his tears] Oh, happiness! Those glorious, exquisite, marvellous eyes such as I have never seen in any other woman...

IRINA [coldly]. Don't....

SOLYONY. For the first time I am speaking of love to you, and I feel as though I were not on earth but on another planet [rubs his forehead]. Well, it doesn't matter. There is no forcing kindness, of course... But there must be no successful rivals... There must not... I swear by all that is sacred I will kill any rival... O exquisite being!

"Experience is our name for accumulated errors." ... Vrubel


"Life has become a burden to me of late. I see that I have begun to understand too much." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], War And Peace (1865-1869), Book 3, Chapter 2, 25. "Pure and complete sorrow is as impossible as pure and complete joy." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], War And Peace (1865-1869), Book 1, Chapter 15 Strelka: Russian American Theatre Files
Theatre w/Anatoly
"The theatre's full, the boxes glitter/The stalls are seething, the pit roars/The gallery claps and stamps, a-twitter/The curtain rustles as it soars." Alexander Pushkin [1799-1837], Eugene Onegin (1823), Stanza 20.


"Throughout his life Stanislavski regarded the nature of acting energy as spiritual. He believed the soul to be of prime importance in an actor's ability to balance the physical and the spiritual." Ned Manderino, 1989, The Transpersonal Actor, Page 16.
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