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Letters of Anton Chekhov to his family and friends -- With a Biographical Sketch, Translated by Constance Garnett * eBooks@Adelaide 2004
Four by Chekhov:

The Seagull

Three Sisters

The Cherry Orchard

Uncle Vanya

"Small Chekhov":

Wedding & More


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[ Chekhov After Chekhov: Doctor Anton Chekhov knew about his TB since he was 24 -- and he became a writer and a humorist. This is his last day and last hour -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral"... ]


Antohins (Russian Corner)
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"The Three Sisters" (1901) is said to act better than any other of Chekhov's plays, and should surprise an English audience exceedingly. It and "The Cherry Orchard" are the tragedies of doing nothing. The three sisters have only one desire in the world, to go to Moscow and live there. There is no reason on earth, economic, sentimental, or other, why they should not pack their bags and take the next train to Moscow. But they will not do it. They cannot do it. And we know perfectly well that if they were transplanted thither miraculously, they would be extremely unhappy as soon as ever the excitement of the miracle had worn off. In the other play Mme. Ranevsky can be saved from ruin if she will only consent to a perfectly simple step--the sale of an estate. She cannot do this, is ruined, and thrown out into the unsympathetic world. Chekhov is the dramatist, not of action, but of inaction. The tragedy of inaction is as overwhelming, when we understand it, as the tragedy of an Othello, or a Lear, crushed by the wickedness of others. The former is being enacted daily, but we do not stage it, we do not know how. But who shall deny that the base of almost all human unhappiness is just this inaction, manifesting itself in slovenliness of thought and execution, education, and ideal? [ from Chekhov Plays, Volume 2, Translated by Julius West ]

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The Three Sisters (Dover Thrift Editions) $1.50 0486275442

Humorous gems by one of the masters of modern drama, including The Anniversary, a frenetic, behind-the-scenes look at the goings-on in a bank; An Unwilling Martyr, a humorous recital of an overburdened mans chores and obligations; as well as The Wedding, The Bear and The Proposal.

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"Expunge from yourself anything which interferes with your feeling of a special connection between yourself and all living creatures." Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], as cited for March 10 in Peter Serkin, 1997 (Translator), A Calendar Of Wisdom: Daily Thoughts To Nourish The Soul Written And Selected From The World's Sacred Texts By Leo Tolstoy (Scribner), page 82.
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3 Sisters

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Anton Chekhov, UAF cut (adaptation/translation) 1999, Anatoly Antohin, Alaska
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), on observing the burning of Moscow by the Russians in 1812: "What a tremendous spectacle! These are Scythians indeed."
Anton Chekhov (1860-1904): "The artist may not be a judge of his characters, only a dispassionate witness."
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"Wisdom is born, stupidity is learned" (Russian Proverb)


Select the scene or monologue for your class assignments. There are some director's notes, which can help you in analysis, but the best is to use the acring, directing and script directories and pages.

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This is the template category and I hope that one day I can post the study questions here. Right now all questions I have are for myself. To Moscow... "The Citie of Mosco is great, the houses for the most part of wood, and some of stone, with windowes of Iron, which serve for Summer time. There are many faire Churches of stone, but more of wood, which are hot in the Winter time. The Emperours lodging is in a faire and large Castle, walled foure square of Bricke, high and thicke, situated upon an Hill, two miles about, and the River on the South-west side of it, and it hath sixteene gates in its walls, and as many Bulwarkes." (Anthony Jeninkson, 1625, The First Voyage, 1557, in Purchase His Pilgrimes) On Moscow: "A city so irregular, so uncommon, so extraordinary, and so contrasted, had never before claimed my astonishment." (William Cox, 1792, Travels Into Poland, Russia, Sweden, etc.)
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"Man is born to live, not to prepare for life." (Boris Pasternak [1890-1960], Dr. Zhivago (1958), Part 2, Chapter 9, Section 14. "Moscow is in every thing extraordinary; as well in disappointing expectation, as i surpassing it; in causing wonder and derision, pleasure and regret...." (E.D. Clarke, 1816, Travels in Various Countries, 4th edition)
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@2001-2005 shows * * "History has for its subject the life of nations and humanity. To catch hold of and encompass in words - to describe exactly - the life of a single people, much less of humanity, would appear impossible." (Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi [1828-1910], War And Peace (1865-1869), Volume II (1957 translation), Epilogue, Part Two. [ antohins.vtheatre.net ]
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... The individual who does not make a choice, makes a choice. (Adapted from Leo Rosten's Treasury of Jewish Quotations [1972] by Leo Rosten, page 379.
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