I do not know, if I still have it in me, to write this or Joyce projects...

First, no-text shows from my long list -- Rashemon, for instance.

Lul, ET & touring

... in Addis Ababa?

lul shows

New "wish list(s)"? Re-newed.





[ long list ]


[ Do I have the script? I don't. ] York Passion Plays: Play XXXV (Pinners’ Crucifixion), XXXVI (Butchers’ Death of Christ), XXXIX (Winedrawers’ Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalen). Text available on-line.


Thomas Nashe, Christ’s Tears Over Jerusalem.

vTheatre PM project playwright group

Amrahic ?




Dream projects...
I do not know when I can get to this project "Jesus and Christ" -- the hyperdrama based on the four books of the New Testement.

The moment (days) of realization by Jesus that he is Christ. The rest is history (from 4 different points of view).

Maybe it should be done by four different groups and mixed within the webcast...

[ Images from my other shows: Island by Fugard ]
Dead Christ
[ Simular project HIM, a chapter in the book in play's form: transformation of Ras Tafari into Regent (future Emperor Haile Sellassie ]
... Well, most likely it will be possible only after I retire from teaching...


Some concepts do stay as dreams. But the dreaming is moving what we do...

We have to dream, to make a future...


I like to "think out" (about) the show no less than to direct it...
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