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2007 ... Victor Sjöström was an excellent storyteller, funny and engaging—especially if some young, beautiful woman happened to be present. We were sitting at the very source of film history, both Swedish and American. What a pity that tape recorders were not available at this time.
All these external facts are easy to recall. What I had not grasped until now was that Victor Sjöström took my text, made it his own, invested it with his own experiences: his pain, his misanthropy, his brutality, sorrow, fear, loneliness, coldness, warmth, harshness, and ennui. Borrowing my father's form, he occupied my soul and made it all his own—there wasn't even a crumb left over for me! He did this with the sovereign power and passion of a gargantuan personality. I had nothing to add, not even a sensible or irrational comment. Wild Strawberries was no longer my film; it was Victor Sjöström's!
It is probably worth noting that I never for a moment thought of Sjöström when I was writing the screenplay. The suggestion came from the film's producer, Carls Anders Dymling. And as I recall, I thought long and hard before I agreed to let him have the part.
Ingmar Bergman, Images: My Life in Film (1990)

Wild Strawberries *

Plot Synopsis: Professor of medicine Isak Borg travels to Lund University in order to receive his anniversary title. Along the road he meets strangers and relatives, and in his dreams he is confronted with his own past as well as fear of insufficiency.

Smultronstället (Wild Strawberries) - 1960 draft script -

This Ingmar Bergman film explores the disillusionment of an elderly physician, Professor Isak Borg, as he reflects upon his life and begins to perceive his mortality. As he travels to Lund to receive an honorary award after 50 years of medical practice, he finds himself repeatedly affected by intrusive dreams and hallucinations that expose his darkest fears. He slowly comes to realize that the choices he made in the past have created a cold and empty life, devoid of real meaning or value. Finally, he achieves redemption and reintegration through forgiveness and the love of his family. 2006:


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Wild Strawberries (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ... Ingmar Bergman wrote the screenplay for Wild Strawberries while he was in the hospital.

images journal: on DVD from the Criterion Collection.

Wild Strawberries: A Brief Note about Ingmar Bergman and Pauline Kael

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Bergman: Wild Strawbwrries

North Idea
Dreams (Kurosawa) + ...
Wild Strawberries (1957)


Set in present-time Sweden, Wild Strawberries depicts one day in the life of a 73-year-old professor (Isak Borg), who is about to receive a jubilee degree at the University of Lund. Action takes place in his apartment in Stockholm, and at various stops along the road as he travels south to Lund. A number of dream or nightmare sequences interrupt the story. The first of these occurs early, after Borg has introduced himself as an old pedantic widower. Finding himself wandering alone in a surreal landscape, Borg encounters a hearse. The coffin falls off, and a corpse bearing the likeness of Borg tries to pull him in.
En route to Lund with Marianne, his daughter-in-law, Borg stops at a big country house where he and his large family used to spend their summers when he was a child. In a reverie, Isak, still a 73-year-old man, witnesses a breakfast gathering from his youth. He sees his sweetheart Sara picking strawberries while being pursued by his brother, Sigfrid.
A young girl awakens him. Her name is also Sara and she is the look-alike of Isak's youthful love. Sara is hitchhiking to Italy with two boyfriends, Anders and Victor. All three join Isak and Marianne in the drive south. Stopping for gas, Isak meets the Åkerman couple whom he knows from the time he was a country doctor in the area. They praise him for the work he did and Isak wonders to himself if he should not have stayed there.
After an outdoor luncheon during which Isak recites a poem which Marianne helps him finish, and Anders and Victor have an argument about God, Borg leaves to visit his old mother who is 95. The visit is a chilling experience, especially for Marianne, who believes she sees the same emotional atrophy in old Mrs. Borg as in her own husband Evald, who does not want to have children.
Back on the road Isak's car narrowly escapes colliding with a VW, driven by an engineer, Alman, traveling with his wife Berit, an actress. The two join the group for a short while but carry on an argument until Marianne asks them to leave the car.
Marianne takes over the driving, and Isak falls asleep. In a nightmare he sees himself examined by Dr. Alman. He fails the test and is found "guilty of guilt." Alman brings him to witness how his wife, who has been dead for many years, lets herself be seduced by a lover.
Awake, Isak finds himself alone with Marianne in the car, which is parked by the roadside. She tells him her marital problems: she is pregnant and does not want to abide by Evald's wish to abort the child. Her flashback encounter with Evald is interrupted by the return of Sara and her boyfriends, who present wild flowers to Isak.
Arriving in Lund, they are greeted by Agda, Isak's housekeeper, who has flown there. Evald and Marianne are reconciled. The academic ceremony at which Isak Borg becomes a jubilee doctor is stately and solemn. But Isak's thoughts wander; he decides to write down the strange events of the day.
At night, Isak is serenaded by Sara and her friends before they continue to Italy. As he is about to fall asleep, he has a comforting vision: young Sara, his sweetheart of long ago, takes him by the hand and leads him to a lake where he sees his parents on an outing in the idyllic countryside. They wave at him. The film ends as Isak Borg falls asleep.

Birgitta Steene, Ingmar Bergman: a guide to references and resources

7th Seal ... Self and Others : Film analysis Class'07 : Action/Violence in Movies ("America") vs. Self-Exploration (Films)

Tyler, Gl. Crime and Punishment Cinematic Images of Other versus Self:Comparative Study French and United States Culture of Violence Paper presented at the annual meeting of the The Law and Society Association, Renaissance Hotel, Chicago, Illinois, May 27, 2004 . 2006-10-05

Abstract: Cinematic images resonate through the culture. This is particular true with images of crime and punishment, self versus other. These images foster a belief system of (non)acceptable means of punishment, in concurrence with who it is acceptable to punish. Viewing staples of American cinema, the Western and film noir compared to the top five French exports of cinema the United States; this analysis will show the difference between the portrayal of self and other is the major impetus to acceptable means of accepting the ultimate punishment...death.

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