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... BOY's fears and fantasies

Pre-teen, when woman is a 'strange being' already.

Sleeping man is a boy!

Dr. Caligari = professor : mind... and no women. Monk who doesn't believe in God. He is eternal teenager.

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... Cesare is Caligari' son: became a zombie, when mother died. How?

Memories/Dreams of Cesare -- when? Different style of music.

He dies at the end and Father (Dr. Caligari) sings to the puppet.

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Who Killed Alan?

In the final scene, Alan is nowhere to be found among the asylum inmates. Can it be that it is Francis who has killed Alan, in order to have 'Jane' (or another woman) all to himself, and has gone mad because of his guilt feelings?

We never see Cesare kill Alan. We see a shadow on the wall, that looks like Cesare, but might it be the thief, or Francis?

... The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari completed its three week run in early November at the 40th Street Stage in Norfolk, Virginia. The play was performed by The Foppish Dandies. I attended with four friends and heard comments like "outstanding". It was a theater in the round presentation with some of the action taking place behind the audience, and several forms of multimedia were utilized, including video projection on the screen simultaneous with the actors on stage. In one scene the assistant to the Clerk of the Town Hall of Holstenwall handed a piece of paper to the actor on screen and he "took" it, resulting in chuckles from all.
It was fairly accurate as far as the original film of 1920 is concerned, although some of the characters, including the police investigators, dressed in late 20th century style clothing and spoke in modern word usage, which prompted my friend David to comment that this "Miami Vice" style of clothing and speech jarred one from the Expressionistic mood that the rest of the play accomplished.

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Cast (possible) :

1. Dr. Caligari, professor

2. Cesare, somnambulist

3. Girl [night and day identity]

4. Father, doctor

5. Alan, gets killed

6. Frank, his friend [both in love with the girl]

chorus faces:

7. Policeman

8. Priest

9. Nun

10. Soldier

11. Sailor

12. Prostitute

13. Photographer

Plus, circus folks and animals

Metropolis, future city of the past.

Spring Night

Act I -- before midnight

Act II -- Before daybreak

Several locations: square, Olimpia's bedroom, Caligari's tent, hospital, streets


Terror or Horror -- Lessons from Aristotle [ Horror Sting ]

... postmodern popcult : style "Goth" (and Emo)

Caligari Nights or Dreams of Cesare [Sharing Dreams]

Love Story -- Cesare sees her first at the town sideshow -- "Breaking Through the Black Wall" etude [ Falling in Love ]
[All etudes must be rehearse separately!]

scene-by scene breakdown -- where?

Rehearse to music.

Web-mind like "mashable" - eclectics


... Staged

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