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In Kurosawa Rashamon is the most intriguing one but the stranger.

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Fade in.
TITLE: 	The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.
Fade out.
Inside Caligari's tent  a central aisle leads from foreground to a small 
stage at rear. The audience for the show are sitting or standing on either 
side of the aisle. Suddenly a curtain on the right of the stage is swept 
aside and Caligari bounds on to the stage, ringing his bell and declaiming 
excitedly. He swiftly gets carried away with the task of his show, casting 
his bell away to the left. He removes his hat and makes a sweeping bow in 
front of the curtain, then replaces it and continues his gesticulations with 
the aid of his cane. Finally he lifts the curtain on the stage and a rope 
tied round the curtain pulls it away out of sight. Caligari takes up a 
position in the center of the stage.

A long narrow cabinet, closely resembling a coffin, is standing on end at the 
right of the stage. Caligari points towards it vigorously, still shouting to 
the audience. He reaches up on top of the cabinet and takes down a short 
stick with which he gestures again towards the doors of the box. Then, with a 
sudden movement, he flicks open the right door of the cabinet, then the left, 
to reveal Cesare standing immobile inside. The somnambulist is wearing black 
tights painted with random oblique stripes and a polo neck sweater. His 
heavily made-up eyes, which are closed, stand out strongly against a dead 
white face. Caligari, spectacles pushed up on forehead, gestures towards 
Cesare with the short stick. 

Caligari gazes maniacally towards the motionless figure of Cesare. He has 
pulled his spectacles down before his eyes again and his white hair straggles 
wildly from beneath his top hat. He turns towards Cesare, whose face, 
surmounted by an unruly mop of dark hair, looks very pale above his dark 
clothing. Caligari glares right towards Cesare. 

Caligari's excited expression shows that the climax of his show is drawing 
TITLE: 	'Cesare! Do you hear me? It is I calling you: 
		I, Caligari, your master. Awaken for a brief 
		while from your dark night.'
Caligari looks up at Cesare expectantly.
Close-up of Cesare's face. He is wearing very heavy white mat make-up, with 
long eyelashes and thick black lines on his brow. His mouth is painted in the 
shape of a compressed Cupid's bow. Below each eye is a triangular patch of 
black make-up. In response to his master's command, the muscles around 
Cesare's mouth begin to twitch spasmodically, as with someone who is 
reluctantly coming out of a very deep sleep. His mouth quivers and falls 
slightly open; his eyelids flutter before parting slowly. Slowly the 
somnambulist's eyes open wide to a full manic glare, the iris almost entirely 
surrounded by white.

Caligari makes another gesture towards Cesare, who slowly raises his hands in 
front of him, fingers extended as though about to strangle someone. Slowly 
Cesare moves forward, stepping down from the cabinet; as he does so, Caligari 
shrinks away slightly, feigning apprehension. Cesare lowers his arms and 
Caligari gestures across the middle with his cane. His spectacles are once 
more pushed up on his forehead.

Alan and Francis are now in the audience, gazing upwards; their faces are 
more brightly lit than those of the other people around them. Both of them 
look somewhat disturbed and anxious about what is taking place on the stage 
and Alan's mouth has fallen slightly open. He still wears his hat with the 
floppy brim. He turns and talks agitatedly to Francis.

Caligari, head thrown back and knees slightly bent, is speaking to the 
audience again. Cesare stands motionless, one foot behind the other in a 
ballet dancer's pose, hands at his side.
Caligari has begun to grin triumphantly. His spectacles are pushed back on 
his brow; his eyes gleam and his teeth show as he turns from from one side of 
the audience to the other. His face lights up with a fiendish grin as he 
begins to speak again.
TITLE: 	'Ladies and Gentlemen, Cesare will now answer 
		any question you like to put to him. Cesare 
		knows every secret. Cesare knows the past and 
		can see into the future. Come up and test him 
		for yourselves.'
Caligari bows again and looks admiringly at the wonderful Cesare. Then he 
turns to the audience again, looking expectantly at them, waiting for their 

Alan looks strangely disturbed by Caligari's proposal; he seizes Francis's 
hands and seems in the grip of some strange impulsion, desperately wanting to 
ask something. Clutching at Alan's right arm, Francis pleads with him not to 
ask a question. But Alan is absolutely determined to ask Cesare a question 
and will not be restrained.

Caligari is still posturing on the stage; Cesare's demoniac looks are 
emphasized by low angle lighting. Alan appears in front of the stage on the 
left, then crosses to the right of the stage and makes as though to climb on 
it. Francis comes after him, tugging at his coat and still trying to prevent 
him from asking his question. Finally, however, Alan manages to climb to the 
edge of the stage and he addresses himself to Caligari and Cesare.

Alan's face is brightly lit against a dark background -- the open face of an 
honest, naive young man. His eyebrows are raised questioningly as he prepares 
to speak.
TITLE: 	'How long have I to live?'

Alan's face is upturned and questioning, his brow furrowed. Francis looks on 
with apparent horror as Alan asks his question and Cesare makes ready to 

Cesare's tousled hair falls over his brow and his eyes are staring wildly. 
The whiteness of his teeth stands out startlingly in his heavily made-up 
face. Behind him, a patch of the cabinet is brightly lit. He replies very 

TITLE:  	'Until tomorrow's dawn.'
Cesare purses his lips after this brief, sinister utterance. Alan draws back 
shocked, then smiles, trying to put a good face on things, though clearly 
very shaken. He draws back, panting as he does so.

Francis stares on, eyes and mouth open in simple-minded disbelief, head 
tilted right.

A number of the people on either side of the central aisle have risen to 
their feet. Alan is still standing to the right of the stage. Francis 
succeeds in dragging him away, however, and the pair come down the aisle 
towards camera. Alan looks utterly bewildered and he has to be firmly guided 
by Francis. They go out right.


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Horror War on Terror [ Missing Catharsis which pop-culture connot deliver -- you have to have army to fight you nightmares ]
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Horror against War on Terror [ Cesare doesn't kill anybody, they die of horror ] "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself"