Scene 17: Death of Lisa and Maurice

In the streets Lisa is running. Maurice follows.

Lisa: I want to see the blood. They killed his wife, Iíve heard. And he says he was the one who killed her. But itís not true, is it? Oh, I must see with my own eyes those who were killed because of meÖ.Hurry, Hurry! Oh, Maurice, donít forgive me? Why are you weeping? Strike me and kill me, right here.

[ Stepan enters, traveling. ]

Stepan (in delirium): Oh you! Chere, chere, is it possible? In this fogÖ You see the fire!Ö You are unhappy, arenít you? I can see it. We are all unhappy, but we must forgive them all. To shake off the world and become free, il faut pardoner, pardonerÖ.

Lisa: Oh! Get up! Why are you kneeling?

Stepan: At the moment of saying farewell to the world, I want to say farewell to you-and so to my whole past. I am kneeling down before everything that was beautiful in my life. I dreamed of scaling the heights to the heaven, and here I am in the mud, a crushed old manÖSee their crime in all itís real horror. They couldnít do otherwise. I am fleeing their delirium, their nightmare.

Lisa: I want to make the sign of the cross over you, poor man. You, too, pray for poor Lisa.

[ Stepan Exits ]

Voices: Itís Stavroginís wench. Itís not enough for them to kill people. They also want to come and see the bodies.

[ Sounds of mob and fire. ]