Scene 18: The Birth

Shatov & Kirilovís.

Mary: Iíll not stay long, just long enough to find work. (Screams) But if I am in your way, I beg you to tell me at once quite honestly. Iíll sell something and go to the hotel.

Shatov: Mary, you mustnít talk of a hotel. You are at home here.

Mary: No, I am not at home here. We separated three years ago. Donít get it into your head that I am repenting and coming back to begin over again.( Screams of pain)

Shatov: No, no, that would be pointless. But it doesnít matter anyway. You are the only person who ever told me she loved me. Thatís enough. You are doing what you want, and now you are here.

Mary: Yes, you are good. I have come back under your roof because I have always considered you a good man Ė so far above all those scoundrels. . . .

Shatov: Mary, you look exhausted. Please donít get annoyed.

Mary: You are still just as much a child. Itís so cold here.

Shatov: Kirilov, my wife has come back, Kirilov!( Screams and knocks on the wall. )

Kirilov: Your wife.

Shatov: Kirilov, Kirilov, She's giving birth to my child, Kirilov! ( Hugs him ).

Kirilov: I am glad she has come back and that you still love her. I am glad that you turned to me. ( Mary screams )

Mary: Why did you let me go to sleep? Iím in your bed. Ah! (she stiffens as if in a sort of attack and grips Shatovís hand.)

Shatov: You are suffering, my dear. I shall call the doctor.

Mary: Donít stand still. Tell me something... Talk to me of your new ideas. What are you preaching now? You canít keep yourself from preaching; itís in your nature.

Shatov: Yes... That is... I am preaching God now.

Mary: And yet you donít believe in him. (New attack.) Oh, how unbearable you are! Donít you see that Iím about to give birth? Oh! Cursed be this child!

Shatov: Oh, Mary!.. Kirilov! Kirilov!

(All talk and scream. Child's cry)

Mary: What shall I name him?

Shatov: Shatov. He is my son.

Mary: Not like that! How awkward you are! Lean over me! Closer! Closer! (she kisses him.)

Shatov: Mary! My love!

Mary: Ah! Nicholas Stavrogin is a wretch. (She bursts into sobs.)

Shatov: Mary. Itís over now. The three of us will live together, and we shall work.

Mary: Yes, we shall work, we shall forget everything, my love...

(There is a knock at the door. Lyamshin.)

Shatov: I canít receive you now.

Lyamshin: I have come to tell you from Peter that everything is arranged. You are free. Yes, absolutely free. You will just have to show Liputin the place where the press is buried.

Mary: Whatís that?

Shatov: I had forgotten it. Mary, I must leave you now.

Mary: You are going to leave me alone? We have just found each other after all these years...

Shatov: This is the last time. After this we shall be together forever. Never, never again shall we think of the horror of the past.

(He kisses her.)

Shatov (to Lyamshin): Have you ever been happy in your life? ( They leave, Mary with child sings, child's cry goes away.)