Scene 20

(The street. Peter encounters Fedka.)

Peter: Why the hell didnít you stay hidden, as I had ordered you to?

Fedka: Donít talk that way to me, you little sneak. I didnít want to compromise Mr. Kirilov, who is an educated man.

Peter: Do you or donít you want a passport and money.

Fedka: You are a louse. Thatís what I think you are. You promised me money in the name of Mr. Stavrogin to shed innocent blood. I know now that Mr. Stavrogin was not informed. So that the real murderer is neither me nor Mr. Stavrogin: itís you.

Peter: You wretch, Iíll hand you over to the police at once! (He takes out his revolver. Quicker than he, Fedka strikes him repeatedly. Fedka runs away.) Iíll find you at the other end of the world. Iíll crush you. And KirilovÖ!

[ Blackout ]