Scene 22-II: The End

Split Stage: Dasha enters

Dasha: I received a letter from Nikolai.

Varvara: Will you go?

Dasha: I will.

Varvara: Get ready! Weíre both going together. Read the letter to me.

Dasha reads the letter.

Stavrogin: My good Dasha, You once wanted to be my ďnurseĒ and made me promise to send for you when I needed you.

Dasha: Iím not well, but I hope Iíll be rid of my hallucinations. Iíve told you a lot of my life: Physically, and morally you know all. I confirm that in my conscience I am guilty of my wifeís death. I am also guilty before Lisa.

Stavrogin: Better donít come.

Dasha: You are dear to me, why sacrifice so much? I do not pity you, since I am calling you, and do not respect you, since Iím waiting for you to come. And yet I call and wait. In any case, I need your answer, because I must leave very soon.

Stavrogin: Iíve tested my strength everywhere, ďin order to know myself.Ē Testing proved it to be boundless, but what to apply my strength to, that I have never seen. I am capable now as ever, of wishing to do a good deed. Also I wish for great evil. But both are too shallow and my desires are far too weak; they cannot guide me.

Dasha: Perhaps you dream of giving me love and of pouring upon me the beautiful from your beautiful soul, you hope in that way to finally set up some goal for me. No, my love will be as shallow as I am, and you will be unhappy. Your brother told me that he who loses his ties to the earth also loses his gods, that is, his goals. One can argue endlessly about everything. Everything is shallow. Kirilov could not endure his idea and-shot himself; but I do see that he was not in his right mind. I can never lose my mind, nor can I believe an idea to the same degree.
I know I ought to kill myself, to sweep myself off the earth like a vile insect; but I am afraid of suicide; I know it will be one more deceit. Whatís the use of deceiving oneself? There can never be indignation or shame in me; and so no despair either.

Stavrogin: Forgive me for writing so much. Nikolai Stavrogin.

Stavrogin who has been preparing to hang himself during the course of this dialogue, kicks the chair out from under himself.

The End