Scene 2: Me-God

Maybe add stage directions in regard to Kirilov putting gun under his chin and Maurice making attempts to pull it away.

Scene 3: The Virgin

Modify stage directions of Lebyatkin to include presence of bottle of alcohol. After Shatov says, "sells his sister" Lebyatkin spits out the liquor he had in his mouth.

Scene 5: Father and Son

If this scene could somehow be changed (either modified or incorporated) so that what Peter says is still present but the father and son melodrama excised.

The relationship between Varvara and Stepan is unclear and confusing to audience

Scene 6: God-Me

Include stage directions of Kirilov putting gun to head in beginning of scene before entrance of Stavrogin. Establishes Kirilov's desire yet reluctance to kill himself and seems to play well with the audience.

When Stavrogin says, "If a man harms one of those children you love… a little girl, for instance… If he dishonors her, is that good too?" should add stage directions for girl being highlighted on bed with Stavrogin looking toward her.

Need to replace jugged hare line...sounds awkward.

Stage direction to have girl cry out in shame/agony when Shatov says, "They say, they also say-but I can’t believe this-that you used to attract children to your house to defile them…"

Scene 7: Bridge

Fedka twirling knife in this scene could maybe be added as a stage direction.

Scene 8: Lebyatkins

When Stavrogin says, "I asked you not to get drunk.", Lebyatkin pulls out a bottle of alcohol from his jacket

When Stavrogin asks, "Where's Maria?", we hear her laughing off stage.

Scene 9: Downpayment

After Stavrogin and Fedka walk off stage, pregnant Mary Shatov appears briefly.

Scene 10: Duel

Kirilov wipes and inspects gun after Stavrogin shoots.

Scene 11: Sister or Nurse?

Spelling mistake in first line, says "wonded" instead of "wounded"

Stage direction, girl singing in background while Stavrogin talks about his demons.

After Peter line, "Just assume a mysterious look, that’s all.", Stavrogin wraps his head in a blanket like an old woman and says his next line "But there is no Central Committee?" in a high pitched female voice.

Scene 12: Meeting

At Stavrogin's entrance he is obscured by his overcoat. When he reveals himself he shouts, "Booo!" and all the conspirators jump.

Stavrogin sits to the side during this scene ripping paper and making paper cranes/hats, illustrates his boredom/insanity. I like it, seems effective.

When Stavrogin says, "I don’t see the need of it." he repeatedly presses keys on the piano with his butt.

Scene 13: New Christ

Stavrogin's desire for Lisa is never really made clear enough. The end of the scene works the way that it is but without really knowing that Stavrogin wanted Lisa makes it have less of an impact.

Scene 14: Tihon

Madness scene in which each character speaks Tihon's lines. This scene seems to work well but seems long.....

The line, "If you forgive yourself, Christ will forgive you likewise." makes Stavrogin's wrongdoing seem trivial. Maybe should be modified or replaced.

Scene 15: Goodbye

This scene seems trivial and pointless at this point in the play. The story is more about Stavrogin and Peter and I think that the audience has no reason to care at all about Stepan leaving.

Stage Direction, when Stavrogin appears Maria and Girl on side stage laugh and sing lullaby.


The Captain and Maria enter there house and sit down at the table, both apparently unaware of their surroundings. Fedka sneaks in through the door behind them and slits their throats. First he kills the Captain who is in a drunk stupor and unable to react and then he kills Maria who appears to not be cognizant of her surroundings, she is totally occupied by her knitting. Fedka then leaves the house with a candle that he uses to start the town on fire. In the background townspeople run screaming from the fire.)

Scene 16: I am Dead

We hear Peter laughing periodically backstage before he enters.

Scene 17: Death of Lisa and Maurice

Motivation of the Mob in this scene isn't really made clear. Difficult to hear them say the Voices line.

Scene 18: The Birth

Good scene, but Mary needs to be established better early on. I don't think that there is enough here so that Shatov's death carries as much weight as it should in the next scene.

Scene 21

When Peter and Kirilov take out their revolvers they point them at each other's heads, John Woo style.

Kirilov spits on Peter's face before he kills himself.

Scene 22-2

As Stepan and Varvara speak we see Stavrogin on opposite side of stage sitting taking off his over clothes (coat, shoes, socks, etc.) and sitting in a chair.

Once again this scene between Stephan and Varvara seems pointless. The audience has no reason to care.

Scene 22-II: The End

During letter reading noose drops over Stavrogin. Girl comes and stands next to him. They hold hands and he comforts her. At the end of the letter he hangs himself.

After Stavrogin dies bells ring and Lisa, Mary Shatov, and Maria sing a lullaby.