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... The four “little tragedies”—Mozart and Salieri, The Miserly Knight, The Stone Guest, and A Feast During the Plague—are extremely compressed dialogues, each dealing with a dominant protagonist whose central internal conflict determines both the plot and structure of the play. Pushkin focuses on human passions and the interplay between free will and fate: though each protagonist could avoid self-ruin, instead he freely chooses it.
Nancy K. Anderson is an independent scholar in New Haven, Connecticut.


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pride, not infidelity matters.

Or is she pregnant with Do-Ju-An's child?

In the male universe love ends with death.

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God's presence --

cave art

... : Mozart-n-Salieri


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Reading Pushkin in Russian over Omo-Don-Juan [movement show]

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New album "Africa":


(Dead) Commodore (Chief) takes Juan to hell -- pix

Fight with sticks (spears) : Chief wants to die because he was defeated.

Alvira -- Al-Vira ? Al-Vi-Ra ?

Steps of the Dead -- sound and visually (appear) :


Sga-Na-Rel -- servant-sidekick of Ju-An, a nerd, a boy (?) "silly face" :

addis pages

[ as Grumio in Shew-Addis ]

... STORY:

Boy (Sga) love her (Alvi), she love Ju-An... and she had to marry the Chief (Comm):

First scene -- wedding night

The Bet -- Sga dears Ju-An to have her -- and to make it KNOWN!

He has to kill the old man --

Does she care who is her new husband?

He does it not because of desire for her, but the conquest.

Gods pushed for his love for himself, not women.

"The Secret of Do-Ju-An" -- known, discovered by the boy...

Gods -- how do they look like?

... their presence -- the 5th character!

PS. How do we (chorus) know that she is pregnant with Do-Ju-An's child?

Dance -- she feels -- pregnant.

Myth of Narcissus : life/love/other is betray. He is from the land of Actors, who are in love with themselves. []


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{ 2009 } Stone Guest

Part 1 -- Mozart & Salieri [ -- Mozart writes Don Juan [Don Giovanni]



... # Paperback: 160 pages # Publisher: Yale University Press (April 2000) # Language: English # ISBN-10: 0300080271 The Little Tragedies (Paperback) by Alexander Pushkin (Author), Ms. Nancy k Anderson (Translator)


African (bottom) vs. Christian/Muslim version

outdoor show ?

... symbolism -- venus.jpg

ethio Omo-style

... puppet show?

Act 1 : Mozart writes DJ:


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don juan ethio elvira sganarel

... and Commador? ethiopia : faces & places