-- not Byron?

2009 SHOWS
DJ XXI: Director's Book
Spring 2003 Theatre UAF: can't put the text (copyright), get the book!

Act Three: The Dinner Invitation

French Scenes:
1. What Do You Believe In? : DJ (dressed as a Turk), Sgan (Doctor)
2. A New Cahllenge to God : DJ, Sgan and A Poor Man (Francisco)
3. Machismo : DJ, Sgan and Don Carlos
4. Punishment Prosponded? : DJ, Sgan, Don Carlos and Don Alonso
5. Unswered! : DJ and Sgan -- the Statue

[ intermission ]

Don Juan: Answered!


Dance #2 before the intermission (trio). The Gypsy Kings during? Dance #3 -- after the intermission.

I miss Donna Alvira (she is watching from the balcony?)

Francisco with the stick-cross, he was kicked out of the monastery because he believes that he is Jesus. What this scene is for? [ Dramatic function ]

3: Did we see that Donna Alvira sent her brothers?

Scene 4: Don Alonso goes nuts.

5: Must be big: last image (before, during the dance?) -- The Statue?