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Act V: Hell, Welcome!

French Scenes:
1. Rediculed Father : DJ, Sgan and Father (Don Luis)
2. Viva Hypocrates! : DJ, Sgan
3. Lost Friend, Mortal Voe : DJ, Sgan and Don Carlos (brother)
4. Last Warning from a Faithful Servant : DJ, Sgan
5. Fight to the Edn : DJ,Sgan and A Spectre (Statue as a veiled woman)
6. The End : DJ, Sgan, Statue

Don Juan: The Punished



Finale -- Act ends with the dance "Gypsy Kings"

Scene 5
Don John, Sganarelle, a Ghost in the form of a Woman veil'd

GHOST: Don John has but a Moment's time to lay hold on the Mercy of Heav'n, and if he do not repent now, his Destruction is certain.

SGANARELLE: Do you hear, Sir?

DON JOHN: Who dares to say this? I think I know the Voice.

SGANARELLE: Oh, Sir, 'tis a Ghost, I know it by its walking.

DON JOHN: Ghost, Phantom, or Devil, I'll see what 'tis.

[The GHOST changes its Figure, and represents Time with a Scythe in its Hand.]

SGANARELLE: O Heav'ns! Do you see this Metamorphosis, Sir?

DON JOHN: No, no, nothing is capable of terrifying me, and with my Sword I'll try whether 'tis a Body or a Spirit. The SPIRIT vanishes when Don John offers to strike it.]

SGANARELLE: O Sir, yield to so many Proofs, and fall to Repentance quickly.

DON JOHN: No, no, come what will, it shall never be said that I was capable of Repentance. Follow

Scene 6
The Statue, Don John, Sganarelle

STATUE: Stay, Don John. Yesterday you gave me your Word to come and eat with me.

DON JOHN: I did; where must I go?

STATUE: Give me your Hand.

DON JOHN: There 'tis.

STATUE: Don John, Obstinacy in Wickedness brings on a fatal Death; and Heaven's Mercy rejected opens away for its Thunder.

DON JOHN: O Heav'ns, what do I feel! An invisible Flame consumes me; I can bear it no longer; all my Body is a burning Firebrand. Oh -[Thunder and Lightning, with a great noise, fall upon DON JOHN, the Earth opens and swallows him up, and Great Flames rise from the Place he sunk into.]

SGANARELLE: Ha! My Wages! My Wages! Now is everybody satisfy'd by his Death. Offended Heav'n, violated Laws, seduced Daughters, dishonour'd Families, abused Parents, Wives reduced to Misery, Husbands to Desperation, ev'rybody is contented; I alone am miserable. My Wages, my Wages, my Wages!

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