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I need a year (or more) to get to rehearsals (the pre-production cycle).

No matter how early I begin to work on the show, I still do not have the webpages ready before I am to start rehearsals.

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Gender in THEMES

arabic.mp3 -- where?


I wrote to a friend -- and I would like to finish my thought.
... this is the first time I direct Moliere (and Don Juan is the only his play I like). I do not know how much of I want will be in the show (April 16), but I had to do it, since I didn't get it last yer in "Danderous Liaisons" (shallow script, written like a screen play). The biggest problem that I do in America, the culture of permanent adolescenese. Good -- that I have young cast, an excuse for being young by age.
For days (week?) I am thinking about America, maybe because of the war -- and the unique historical position of Am. culture. Before I thought that it is a civilization, but recently I feel that I reconsidering it. You see, America is the true representation of this so-called "New Age" (classical, not California definition); America and not France got the post-classical ideal of New Everyman. Of course, Americans know very little about it (as every teenager knows little about himself), but this Christian notion on the Heaven on Earth (Post-Resurrection sensitivity) is possible in the age between a child and adult. Of course, we avoid the words from the Christian glossary (crusade, for example) -- and maybe this is good, that they do not know what is going on. Perhaps, this is getting old, but I feel that I make peace with America (and even the Soviet Union) for this intention of bring the last (anybody) to light. I put aside my libertarian isolationism (American, not Post-American politics) in order for myself to see what is going on.
The extreme. Don Juan is this very early libertine self-identity. In Post-Resurrection world everyone is Christ and of course the new flesh is celebrated. The Second Coming is about this safe (angelic) flesh (this is why Americans are genderless in principle; "brothers and sisters"). For a classical man in me it feels as Hell, but for a peasant -- it's Heaven. Of course, DJ is a principle (mystery plays tradition) and his drive is not in women, but his own limitations. Unfortunately, I do not know K. article on Mozart, but I suspect it is about this erotism which only Christian mind can comprehand. (I have to rethink the silly "sexual revolution" of the 60s). I guess, I have to make a peace with the "Revolt of the Masses," regardless the end of the classical world. After all this Everyman must have what I have.
PS. Why nobody points out that the Spanish Golden Age began after the Moors were defited? And it was the best of Islam (the era of Suleman the Magnifisant)! [more later]

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Director's Notes
[ what is the message in one line? ]

Comedy + Biomechanics = Commedia


Architecture style: between ext. and int. City square -- and transitions to inner yard. Second level -- bridge, balcony?

To drop the pit -- another level (carnival = no distance with the public). At least four dance numbers (three stages to the last "Welcome to Hell" finale).

Without the pressure from outside (church), DJ is not a rebel and not a hero. It must be a celebration of woman. All women.

Lover v. Husband, or even Lover v. Man (and Men, servants). "Lover" as a mission?

The statue is the center (guard), everything is around it. (To cover, in order to save an actor from standing there all the time?) Or to get him from under the stage. To show the process of making the statue?

[ Talk with Kade about VR for shadows, ghosts, visions. If possible. ]

Is it "mono-play"?

First entrance of DJ must be bigger! (What is his musical theme? Sound?)

Rose, a flower.


Directorial Style, when the acting, script, set, costumes, sound, light come together, when one media connected with the rest, when the show is like a living body.

Spring? Mid Summer?
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