Spring 2003 Theatre UAF

More often I see it first, before I hear the show...

SHOWS: 12th Night


Don Juan

2009 -- Mozart & Salieri [Pushkin]


sound -- Don Giavani (?)
Hailing from the Reyes and Baliardo Gypsy families, this ensemble from the south of France has been playing "rumba flamenca" since the late 1980s. With this 1995 compilation, the songwriting talent and virtuosity this unique group possesses were gathered together in one comprehensive CD. Notable inclusions are the anthemic hit "Bamboleo," from their debut, Gipsy Kings; the slowly emotive "Trista Pena" the Italian cover "Volaré," from Mosaïque; and assorted live cuts that wonderfully capture the wild energy these players spark onstage. In short, the Gipsy Kings are a celebratory bunch who know how to rock with a rhapsody of acoustic guitars, passionate vocals, and walls of congas, timbales, cabasas, and bongos.


Flamenco style

LUCIA, Paco de (1947-) (Francisco Sanchez Pecino), flamenco, SPAIN 
Los Pinares (25k) (Nikolaus Reimann) 
Sortilegio (15k) (F. Faucher)

LULLY Jean-Baptiste (1632-1687), FRANCE 
Gavotte et Sarabande (L'amour malade) (2 guitars, arr. by A. Bellow) (6k) (David Lovell)  
Menuet aus "Bourgeois Gentilhomme" (2 guitars, arr. by A. Bellow) (3k) (David Lovell)  
Marche triomphale (2 guitars, arr. by A. Bellow)) (5k) (David Lovell) 

SABICAS,  (Campos, Agustin Castellón) (1912-1990) (Flamenco), SPAIN 
  o 1.Delicada(12k)   2.Fantasia Arabe(9k) (Nikolaus Reimann)

SANLUCAR, Manolo (Manuel Munoz) (1943-), SPAIN  
    o      Andares Gitanes (11k) (Manuel Ferre Gorrita) 
    o      Caballo Negro (Flamenco, for 2 guitars) (38k) (Manuel Ferre Gorrita) 

TÁRREGA, Francisco (1852-1909) Spanish 
Capriccio Arabe for Guitar (32k) Tchiang Carlos do Rosario 
Preludes for Guitar © Reinhard Czwiertnia 

No. 1 (2k) No. 4 (1k) No. 7 (3k) No. 10 (2k) No. 13 (4k) 
No. 2 (2k) No. 5 (1k) No. 8 (2k) No. 11 (2k) No. 14 (2k) 
No. 3 (2k) No. 6 (2k) No. 9 (2k) No. 12 (2k) No. 15 (3k) 


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