Dangerous Liaisons *

I made the characters pages, for the love tiangle:




Both women are in love with him, but he loves Tourvel (in denial).

Help, help me, Gerr N!


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Photos UAF April 19 - 28, 2002 Kade Mendelowitz: Lighitng Designer


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1. Valmont: Brian Bennett

2. Merteuil: Julie Jerkins

3. Tourvel : Carey Seward

4. Cecile : Christy Burgess

5. Volanges : Barbara Pitzenberger

6. Danceny : Chris Hinkes

7. Rosemonde (aunt): Candace Crews

8. Azolan: Ben Thompson

9. Emile: Sarah Duncan

10. Magordomo : Isaak Paris

11. Footman : Jon Ward

12. Manservant : Matthew Krell


Actors, remember, in order for you to have the last word (you are on stage, not me), you have to start talking first. Before I tell what to do, I listen. If we are doing our job right, we have a dialogue -- this is what your have to have with the public! Your dialogue starts with the dialogue with yourself!

This script is short on taking (gibing) out and asks a lot to be put in. Try Method and see for yourself. Or reread a good play, 3 Sisters, for example.

The text of the play is in THR Office and Library. All question must go to 3sis eGroup; your cyber home for next 3 months.

Go and read the archives: character exploration, analysis and etc.


Scenes and monologues for auditions (Jan. 26). The mannerism, the show they put on all the time (mostly for themselves), the culture of Rococo: she opens her legs, he puts his hands on himself, they don't touch each other -- the foreplay is everything.

Big Lesson: Do not direct a play unless you are in love with it for many years!

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