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English title of Choderlos de Laclos' 1782 French epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses. It was quite popular ("between 16 and 20 editions were dated 1782") during the author's lifetime because it was so scandalous, but tended to be condemned or suppressed for a long time afterward because of the immoral behavior of its characters. In the 20th century it regained popularity, and Christopher Hampton adapted the novel into a play in 1985. It has been made into a movie four times ...
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Showcase & case study: I don't know, if I will be able to complete 17 pages "scene-by-scene" commentary and the pages on all characters. Plus, the set and etc. And this time we do not do anything "virtual"... Well, there is a screen for the shadow theatre (images).

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Here is another show-directory, which I will have no time to finish. 3 sisters started this web-show mania. 12th Night has the text broken into "French Scenes" -- and HamletDreams... Yeah, I tried to do the same with WWWilde (The Importance of Being Earnest like the other titles mentined is in public domain). Not DL and not DJ (Don Juan 2003) and therefore I will limit myself in webbing too much from now on. Use the existing showcases: comedy (Shakespeare and Wilde), tragedy (Hamlet) and drama (3 Sisters). I assigned each of them to a specific class: Fundamentals of Acting (Wilde), Intermediate Acting (Biomechanics -- 12night and Mikado), Advanced (Method -- Chekhov). THR331 Fundamentals of Directing -- Hamlet. So, I try to link the pages from both ends -- from here to the subject directories, and from there to the showcases here.

Well, kids, the idea was great: to have a last part of my etextbooks-in-progress a part, where we can stady the whole play! I thought that I can refer in each chapter to this last part-attachment... Small misculculation -- it takes so much time, my friends! Of course, it's nice in a chapter on characterization, for instance, to assign one character for each student from the play in the back... but I have to arrange the texts of the play in hypertext manner, break them in smaller parts, organizing the order and connections... Oh, boy, why did I think it? Why didn't I stop the madness then, when I didn't know how to write HTML? Why?

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Set in France, 1788. The Marquise de Merteuil needs a favour from her ex-lover, Vicomte de Valmont. Her ex-husband is planning on marrying young Cecile de Volanges. The Marquise would like Valmont to seduce Cecile before her wedding day. Meanwhile Valmont has a conquest of his own in mind, Madame de Tourvel, a beautiful, married, and God fearing woman. The Marquise doesn't think that Valmont can do it, she tells him that if he can provide written proof of a sexual encounter with Madame de Tourvel, that she will offer him a reward, one last night with her...

The plot is about sex, the story is about love. Should we say -- "love triangle"? Sure, there is a power trip here as well. Merteuil suppresses her love for Valmont and Valmont blocks his love for Tourvel... Both will pay for it.

We believe that we are masters of our lives and free to make our own choices. The classic world was wiser; they knew that we are not in charge of our fate and such things as matters of heart. The Greeks thought that the arrows sent by Eros strike the heart and makes one lovesick forever. There is no cure, no mercy, no escape.

Valmont wants to die, because he missed the love of his life. Oh, yes, we are afraid to love and fall in love; we run from love in order to keep control over our lives. But without love our lives are lost. Well, here is the old answer to the old question about meaning of life: to live is to love. If there is no love in your heart, you are wasting your life.

Wasted life is worse than death. Maybe this story about the end of the French aristocracy, who had everything and lived for feelings and thoughts, could teach us that plenty, comfort and freedom are not values by themselves, but the means to love and be loved.

We say "God is Love." What is the punishment for the crimes against God? Look at the date when our story takes place: the French Revolution ended the Classical Era... Love is dangerous. Life is dangerous. Love is the only your true liaison with your life.

Anatoly Antohin, 2002

Of course, the pages will be updated, when the production is in progress. And after it's over. I hope.

Dangerours Liaisons
Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Aug. 2004 -- The Taming of the Shrew & Oedipus X are the last two shows I will have online. Webbing takes too much time, I can't became a webmaster by default. Goodbye vtheatre! Anatoly Total Director Files


The love triangle: Merteuil - Valmont - Tourvel

What does Tourvel have that Merteuil doesn't? Love.

Why? Becauase dies of broken heart? [Nothing is finished, nothing in depth ]


The three only, the rest to fall in place by itself.

Fall 2002. Don't do it again. Ever. Only the great plays. No time for fakes.

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