Dangerous Liaisons *

Whe did understand that her for love for him is a death sentense? When she got his secret -- that everything he does and preparing himself for death. Even training Denceny to kill him; he can die out of the hand somebody else, he wants the innocent, the young to kill him. * Monologue Study Pages: PreActing, Biomechanics, Method, BMplus * Photos UAF April 19 - 28, 2002 Kade Mendelowitz: Lighitng Designer


God is her protection from falling in love with a man. Christ as man. Relations of Valmont and Christ (two man, big crusifix -- where? Dark wood, oily like skin, above, naked man, male -- she touches it, Valmont too).

Flowers and candles. What is her smell? Taste -- Serov's peaches. Sound of the summer air.

What if is about to miss this stage all together? She senses it. What is her life without experience of love, not sex she has with her husband? Doee she know how he struggles with his love for her? She should (when he breaks with her).


Poses, read Gender and Love Themes in the Script Analysis


Don't see the "end image" of her! Church, finaly. Nun. Happy face? Christ above on the cross smiles too.


Images from the directing directory. "Dinae" by Klimt -- who? The erotic in the middle, the end is death.

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