Dangerous Liaisons *

He sees his own death in his dreams (the shadow sceen), but first the sounds -- and he screams like a dying man, long, like an animal -- and then we return to the scene as nothing had happened.

I have to stay with the theme: sex = death.

Does he know that Merteuil is evil? Is this her attractiveness for him?

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What is special about him? He doesn't love anybody. He doesn't love himself.

How to show that he seeks and afraids of love?

Loading his pistol (start the show with it?) and fencing on his own (shadow fight). Scenes 17 & 18 together. He isn't drunk, plays drunk. As always -- the game. Even his death must be staged. (Lotman on the forms of behavior of the Russian aristocracy of the Katrine the Great era). The Decembrist revolt was the end of the generation which saw itself as the actors on public stage -- life (the end of the romaticism).

Where is the picture of "Dying Christ" (dead) -- Durer, Leonardo? His death, duel.


"Why do you suppose we only feel compelled to chase the ones who run away?" - Valmont
"Immaturity?" - Merteuil


He is the main character! No wonder that Forman retitled his movie. He is the tragic hero.


Death must be beautiful, not ugly -- how does he transform it into an aesthetic statement? Should we hear the sounds in his head? Should the whole show be his POV? The pix on the screen (shadow theatre) = his visions! How to bring De Sade?


He writes (love letters) and draws the cross (black ink) on his chest (maybe a heart as well) and point the gun... then point it at the audience and shoots. He is suicidal. The same game with women. Violence and erotism. Moves (loaded) gun over his own body in front of her -- head, chest, between his legs, her legs?
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