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Oedipus05 * After so many years of webbing I cannot change the nature of my webpages -- they are what they were from the start; notes, thoughts, points I make for myself for classes and productions. Do they have an independent existence? Maybe, somewhere in the future...
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Unlike my other directories, this one is supposed to serve you all -- directors, actors, drama students. Besides the process of working on the shows, you can find scene and monologues for your classes and auditions, archives of the student-actors' character development (practical use of the Method Acting). There are pages for designers, who want to understand how Director's Mind works. Of course it's only my notes, often for myself (preporations for rehearsals or the next show). I do not have mailing list or newletter, if you want to stay intouch, you better subscribe to one of the forums I have.


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"Showcases" or director's books -- all are after 1998, when I began to do everything on the web. The shows I directed before 1999 have only archive pages (photos).


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Let me repeat myself (from Film600 and

Where teaching and studying (research) meet --

Theme-thought, according to different playwrights (Shakespeare, Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov and so on) and directors (Fillini, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Bergman pages).

Connections with other themes (list): family, gender and sex...

Finally, my own practical investigations: (only recently I began to make themes pages, Don Juan 2003, for example).

And the nonfiction (writing), of course: HIM, Father-Russia, PostAmeriKa, Self, POV, Tech (gatepages are in WRITE directory).

Yeah, yeah, there is more -- "philo" pages, metaphysics: in theatre theory directory, for instance (topics-bar: space, time and etc.)
Plus, Virtual Theatre and Book of Spectator!

Web? Oh, this is just medium. Like stage, screen, writing...

2005 updates: Small Chekhov Fall * "Four Farces & One Funeral" -- Chekhov.05
Chekhov's one-acts are updated -- The Bear, The Proposal (1st act -- Oh, Love!), Wedding, Tobacco (Act II -- Ah, Marriage!), but I'm still working on the "funeral" (Last Day of Anton Chekhov). mini-chekhov
I am teaching DramLit -- (subscribe) and see THR215 for subjects, topics, titles.
Spring 2006 -- Waiting for Godot, Beckett -- new pages ( see shows )

Theatre Event (mini-form) *
Site Description: theatre and film classes, shows
Russian Pages --
sellassie 2005: history, culture, art of Ethiopia. "One man, one century, one world!" --
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RAT - Russian American Theatre

Backwards and Forwards: A Technical Manual for Reading Plays by David Ball; Southern Illinois University Press, 1983 : - Part One: Shape - 1: What Happens That Makes Something Else Happen? - 2: And What Happens Next? - 3: But Do It Backwards - 4: Stasis and Intrusion - 5: Obstacle, Conflict - 6: Ignorance is Bliss (or: the Very Cause of Everyone's Lunacy About Hamlet) - 7: Things Theatrical - Part Two: Methods - 8: Exposition - 9: Forwards: Hungry for Next - 10: Missing Persons (character) - 11: Image - 15: Families - 16: Generalities: Mood, Atmosphere - 17: The Unique Factor - 18: Changing Eras - 19: Climax - 20: Beginnings/Endings - 21: Rereading - 22: What Next?


Dramaturg Pages

vTheatre Postmodern Project * 2006

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