Godot's Diaries:

Caligari is gone. He is mad. My last hope that Anatoly will stay sane. For a while, at least.

Thought about taking a walk and made a few notes for Film600.

Guildenstern is smart but stack in postmodern crap! I do not expect much work from him.

Keep focus on Project 2009!

Reading Nietzsche.

Godot 2.2.09


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"Nothing happens twice..." Second time, as usual, as comedy.

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godot online play

Pozzo comes for the FIRST time; he and Lucky change the minds of Vladimir and Estragon = in act two they are PLAYING "Waiting for Godot" (comedy). Pozzo in need of them. The Second Coming (act II) is to die...

His death is his freedom...

They do not hide from Pozzo in act two! They are tired of him even in act one!

Anatoly's Blog

Experience, not acting?

"Throughline" in each character?

"Repetitions" = comedy

The show falls back to the "original" (Beckett directed)...

Theatre UAF season * Fall'06 Pinter Project


Quotes & Thoughts:

E. goes away second (?) time to sleep... Body and mind? Vladimir cannot sleep. "You sleep better when I am not around." Mind never sleeps.

"Second Boy"? His brother. Playing by the same actor. Different costume.

Most intriguing are the "act 0" and "act three"! "Show After Show" = between theatre and life.

* Where are the bones? (Christ's bones, chicken, eaten by Pozzo, who drinks wine). Lost?

* Where do they get the "stuff"? Town somewhere near (store)... Two roads -- good and bad path... left (Hell) and right (Haven - Stage Left). What is there? Darkness. They watch it. Waiting. Godot could come from?...

Pozzo comes from the "3rd direction"!

"Beckett's grave" (near the road, can't be burried at the cemetory like good christian). Name "Beckett" on it.

The changes in act 2...

The two "majored in theatre"... "English majors"...

Comparing two acts:

[When Vladimir says to the boy " tell him you saw me "] the "us" of the first act is the "me" of the second. Habits break old friends are abandoned, Gogo—for the moment—is cast into the pit. When Gogo awakens, Didi is standing with his head bowed. Didi does not tell his friend of his conversation with the Boy nor of his insight or sadness. Gogo asks, "What’s wrong with you," and Didi answers, "Nothing." Didi tells Estragon that they must return the following evening to keep their appointment once again. But for him the routine is meaningless: Godot will not come. There is something more than irony in his reply to Gogo’s question, "And if we dropped him?" "He’d punish us," Didi says. But the punishment is already apparent to Didi: the pointless execution of orders without hope of fulfillment. Never coming; for Didi, Godot has come . . . and gone.

Quotes & Thoughts:


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Act II

Comedy -- Playing "Waiting for Godot"!

FullMoon... twice.

Act I: Waiting for Godot... the tragedy.

Sam Beckett (as a character) [his presence -- public ? ]

Vladimir -- knows that G. is not coming.

Estragon -- knows that V. knows.

Pozzo -- came again to die... on his way back (from where?)

Lucky --

Boy -- in the audience, no costume.

* main character -- Public (Book of Spectator + Virtual Theatre) : Experience of act two?

floor plan



UR :



UC : Tree
stamp (stage-on-stage)





CR : road



CC : T-section


CL : road






DC : road (Pozzo)


DL : stone (grave)

scene/monologue ____________

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Godot as a main character -- ? (Godot=Spectator)

vtheatre list (cast, crew)

Godot photo-tour:

2006: Total Directing

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Theatre UAF Spring 2006


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