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New York Times, April 13, 2006
Books of The Times
Beckett the Difficult, Beckett the Brash, Beckett the Prolific

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
The Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett * Volume III of The Grove Centenary Editions

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Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming": A Study Guide from Gale's "Drama for Students" (Volume 03, Chapter 11) [DOWNLOAD: PDF] (Digital)

Homecoming/2 Cassettes (Cdl5 361) (Hardcover) by Harold Pinter 9996375374

The Cambridge Companion to Harold Pinter (Cambridge Companions to Literature) (Paperback) 052165842X

Pinter in Play: Critical Strategies and the Plays of Harold Pinter (Paperback) 0822316749

Pinter at 70; A Casebook (Casebooks on Modern Dramatists) (Paperback)

The Pinter Ethic; The Erotic Aesthetic (Studies in Modern Drama) (Library Binding)

Harold Pinter And the Twilight of Modernism (Hardcover)

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2006 = Becketts' 100 birthday! Theatre UAF

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Theatre on Trial: Samuel Beckett's Later Drama by Anna Mcmullan; Routledge, 1993 - Introduction - 1: Mimicking Mimesis - 2: Masquerades of Self - 3: This Sex Which is Not One - 4: Refiguring Authority - Conclusion: Beckett and Performance—back to the Future

The Long Sonata of the Dead: A Study of Samuel Beckett by Michael Robinson; Grove Press, 1969 [ THE PLAYS I. THE THEATRE ]

The Critical Response to Samuel Beckett by Cathleen Culotta Andonian; Greenwood Press, 1998 [ - Introduction - Symbolism To-Day - Chapter 1 Early Prose and Poetry - Dubliners - Samuel Beckett and His Whoroscope - Chapter 2 The Novel: Murphy, Watt, and the Trilogy - A Master Stylist - Samuel Beckett and the Death of the God-Narrator - Not Going Places - Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust - Chapter 3 Early Theatrical Works - Theatre (Review of Waiting for Godot) - The Uneventful Event - En attendant Godot: Tragedy or Comedy? - Samuel Beckett and the Postmodern: Language Games, Play, and Waiting for Godot - How To Read Endgame - Theatre (Review of Endgame) - In the Ruins of the Past: Reading Beckett Intertextually - Chapter 4 Return to Prose: How It Is - Farewell to Incompetence: Beckett's How It Is and Imagination Dead Imagine - Chapter 5 Interviews and Personal Reminiscences - Conversations with Samuel Beckett - Chapter 6 Radio and Film - Beckett Country - From Characters to Discrete Events: The Evolving Concept of Dramatis Personae in Beckett's Radio Plays - "To Be Is to Be Perceived" . . . Time and Point of View in Beckett's Film - Chapter 7 Beckett is Awarded the Nobel Prize - Nobel Prize: Kyrie Eleison Without God - Chapter 8 Late Theatrical Works - The Stage: Beckett's Happy Days - On the Route of a Walking Shadow: Samuel Beckett's Come and Go - Bare Bones: As a lady slips her moorings, Beckett sounds a hopeful note - A Rereading of the Traces - Chapter 9 Poetry, Short Stories and Prose Texts - Samuel Beckett: "Imagination Dead Imagine" - "Silence Within": A Study of the Residua of Samuel Beckett - The Weaving of Penelope's Tapestry: Genre in the Works of Samuel Beckett - Samuel Beckett's For to End Yet Again: A Conflict between "Syntax of Energy" and "Syntax of Weakness" - Chapter 10 Final Tribute - Who's Afraid of Samuel Beckett? - An Intimate Look at Beckett the Man - Giving Birth "Astride of a Grave," Samuel Beckett: 1906-1989 ]

Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot (Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett) (Hardcover) 0802115489

Samuel Beckett: The Language of Self by Frederick J. Hoffman; Southern Illinois University Press, 1962 - Introduction - 1: The Underground Man: Background of The Modern Self - 2: Literary Techniques And The Vanishing Self - 3: Beyond Memory: Perspectives in Modern Literature - 4: The Elusive Ego: Beckett's M's - 5: Being and Waiting: The Question of Godot

The Broken Window: Beckett's Dramatic Perspective by Jane Alison Hale; Purdue University Press, 1987 - Introduction [The problem of seeing in an indeterminate world has long preoccupied Samuel Beckett.In his works, human beings no longer occupy a stable and privileged point in space and time from which they may visually organize, give meaning to, and institute relationships with other beings and objects. Instead, they find themselves drifting in and out of vague, undefined fields of vision in which the objects of their gaze appear, disintegrate, combine, separate, approach, and fade away in unpredictable fashion. The subjects themselves are victims of the same instability, and they call their own existence and its form into question at least as often as they interrogate the world around them.]
- Chapter 1 "In Boundless Space, in Endless Time": Time, Space, and Movement in Beckett's Work - Chapter 2 Endgame: "How Are Your Eyes?" - Chapter 3 Cascando: "... See Him ... Say Him ... to the End ..." - Chapter 4 Film: "Esse Est Percipi" - Chapter 5 Eh Joe: "No One Can See You Now" - Chapter 6 a Piece of Monologue: "No Such Thing as No Light" - Chapter 7 Rockaby: "Stop Her Eyes"


Three Novels by Samuel Beckett: Molloy, Malone Dies, the Unnamable (Paperback)

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts (Paperback)

The Complete Short Prose, 1929-1989 (Paperback)

Beckett and Zen : A Study of Dilemma in the Novels of Samuel Beckett (Wisdom East-West Book. Grey Series) (Paperback) by Paul Foster 0861710592

Collected Shorter Plays (Paperback)

The Poems, Short Fiction, and Criticism of Samuel Beckett : Volume IV of The Grove Centenary Editions (Hardcover)

Watt (Paperback) by Samuel Beckett 080215140X

The Grove Companion to Samuel Beckett: A Reader's Guide to His Works, Life, and Thought (Paperback)

Proust (Paperback) by Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist (Paperback)

The Essential Samuel Beckett: An Illustrated Biography, Revised Edition (Paperback) by Enoch Brater 0500284113

I Can't Go On, I'll Go on: A Selection from Samuel Beckett's Work (Paperback) 0802132871

The Complete Dramatic Works (Paperback) by Samuel Beckett 0571144861

Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett (Paperback) 0802141250

2006: Theatre & Film

The Philosophy of Samuel Beckett (Paperback) 0714542830

How It Was : A Memoir of Samuel Beckett (Hardcover) 1593760876

Happy Days: The Production Notebook of Samuel Beckett (Hardcover) 0394551052

No Author Better Served : The Correspondence of Samuel Beckett and Alan Schneider (Hardcover) 0674625226

Palgrave Advances in Samuel Beckett Studies (Palgrave Advances) 1403903530



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