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You do not believe it's possible to write one confession by so many people?

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Or -- Pirandello, at least!


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godot online play

Pozzo comes for the FIRST time; he and Lucky change the minds of Vladimir and Estragon = in act two they are PLAYING "Waiting for Godot" (comedy). Pozzo in need of them. The Second Coming (act II) is to die...

Toys, puppets (characters, too)?

Icon (somewhere on Lucky), Christian reference?

The two (V & E) are close to each other, almost the same (costumes).

"Character Analysis" -- symbols, like in "Everyman" (Book of Job, Passion Play).

"Christ without calling" = Jesus, homeless man, village philosopher.

Casting Choices: Pozzo as Woman, Boy as Old Man...

Conceptualist set (Malevich, Suprematism)?



Sam Beckett (as a character) [his presence -- public ? ]

Vladimir -- Ben

Estragon -- Matt

Pozzo -- Rachel

Lucky -- Joe

Boy -- Gerry

* main character -- Public (Book of Spectator + Virtual Theatre)

Act I

Act II

Godot as a main character -- ? (Godot=Spectator=Public)

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