2008 R/G are Dead [Hamlet2.0] and Caligari'09 ?

Secrets of Dr. Caligari -- film600

New Emotions?

New humans!

Godot's Diaries :

They think I am dead. For them I never existed.

Do they exist?


As Billie Whitelaw, Beckett's favorite actress, has so aptly said, "He writes paintings." 2006. March 7. Godot (Beckett) directory:

research files: Time, Space and Chronotope

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2006: Total Directing = stage + film

Linear Perspective is a geometric method of representing on paper the way that objects appear to get smaller and closer together, the further away they are. And REVERSED perspective (icon). 2D composition -- montage, collage. Pre-show tableaus ("waiting" -- "six days of creation"); changing positions, when light goes down. 6 "pictures" (describe the stages) = INTRO (themes). Overture.

Godot and Gogol? Godot & Dada, Godot +

Webshow? When?

moon video


"Thinking about the Show" -- show as a dream, director's daydreaming...


There is no day or night in hell. Or paradise.

Like my office. No windows.

MS windows.


Two different moons, act I and II?

"Godot" is most "dangerous" play I ever directed...

I. "Stage directions" by Beckett: "self-directed script" (too many and not enough). The only writer's presence. Comparing with others in THR413 class.

II. Stage directing for Directing 1-5 class.

[ where and how to discuss it? ]

script.vtheatre.net/pomo and DramLit.4 Fall 2007 analysis class [ groups.yahoo.com/group/dramlit ]

pomo.vtheatre.net/2007 -- Beckett and After : Stoppard 2008

... Two clowns. Again. Rosencratz and Gildenstein [ Ros and Gil ]


(Director's) Notes INTRO

Hegel: Truth is process.

Godot directory:

"What do I know about man's destiny? I could tell you more about radishes." -Samuel Beckett

* directing pages "Stagematrix" 2006:

Waiting for Godot

Robinson Crusoe, a romance about one man rebuilding the world, becomes a different kind of book when his island proves to contain a second man, black Friday. A pair of men has an irreducibly primitive appeal. They can talk to one another, and it soon becomes clear how little either one is capable of saying. Each is 'a little world made cunningly', each has enjoyed many many thousands of hours of the fullest consciousness of which he is capable, each has learned to speak, and learned to cipher, and seen perhaps many cities like Odysseus, or perhaps just Manchester. Each has been torn by passions, each has known calm, each has ingested a universe through his five senses, and arranged its elements in his mind for ready access according to social and pedagogical custom. And they can share almost none of all this. Toward one another they turn faces that might almost as well be blank spheres, and wonderful as words are they can speak, each of them, but one word at a time, so that they must arrange these words in strings, poor starved arrangements, virtually empty by comparison with all that presses within them to be said.
A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett by Hugh Kenner; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973

Circle (cyclical "time" and "time-arror"):
Three chronotopes:
1. Vladimir-Estragon (eternity)
2. Pozzo-Licky (history, chronology)
3. Audience (Boy -- present)

What about the SPACE?


Poem (like)

In the meantime let us try and converse calmly, since we are incapable
of keeping silent.
You're right, we're inexhaustible.
It's so we won't think.
We have that excuse.
It's so we won't hear.
We have our reasons.
All the dead voices.
They make a noise like wings.
Like leaves.
Like sand.
Like leaves. 


They all speak at once.
Each to itself. 


Rather they whisper.
They rustle.
They murmur.
They rustle. 


What do they say?
They talk about their lives.
To have lived is not enough for them.
They have to talk about it.
To be dead is not enough for them.
It is not sufficient. 


They make a noise like feathers.
Like leaves.
Like ashes.
Like leaves. 

Long silence. 

Say something! I'm trying. Long silence.
godot1 (in anguish). Say anything at all! What do we do now? Wait for Godot. Ah!
Silence. This is awful!

samuelbeckett "Irisn Scenes" (vs. French Scenes) : I try to break the action with ----- lines. Beat of Action (segments, bits)... I don't know, if I will be able to do it for the entire script. Only for the scenes in classes (acting-directing). If Beckett's pauses is not enough!

(Fast, pauses only when "dramatic pauses"!)


B: Make sense who may. I switch off.

photo by Kade Mendelowitz
Theatre UAF Spring 2006