2009 : Godot directs Caligari -- "Second Life"?

Is it possible that Lucky is Godot?

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Monologue (Lucky) and Shaman


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Movement design for character =

Waiting for Godot

Mask? Many masks?

Medals, orders. White gloves. Makeup?

Bench (image) -- where? Audience!

2006 = Becketts' 100 birthday! Theatre UAF

* Caligari 2009 - Lul 2010

Of course, the platonic connotation of master and slave is too obvious. And the notion of slavery is an act of mercy for them, who cannot take care of themselves.

As a writer I am used to total Idendification and have to "live tha part" from within. Anatoly as Lucky, or Lucky-Anatoly. Silent. Full of knowledge (full of sh...) and trying to keep everything from the past with me. Omnia mia mecum porte. (sp.) Everything mine a cary with me (Latin). Pozzo's.

Pozzo is Beckett's wife? Lucky is the most diffuicult part in the play! (Two faces of Lucky...)

Quotes & Thoughts:


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... For example, in the scene between the master and the slave, the ironically named Lucky is held on a leash by Pozzo. Lucky carries a heavy suitcase which he never considers putting down for relief. It is only when Pozzo commands him to think, and he is allowed to wear his hat, that he blurts out his incoherent speech. The fact that Lucky's silence is broken with nonsense underscores the theme of futility.

-- postmodern knowledge (Lucky's knowledge)

In the course of the play it becomes increasingly apparent that Vladimir and Estragon are, relative to Godot, in the same servile position Lucky is, especially with respect to the doubly-violent end to his deconstructive think.

... Their minds are slaves to Godot in the same way Lucky's body is a slave to Pozzo. [ notes p. 111 ]

... asynopsisandanalysisoftheplaybySamuelBeckett ...

Lucky' speech is a "direct" irony (blank parody), very postmodern.

... TheplotofSamuelBeckett'sWaitingforGodotissimpletorelate. (Should I keep the puntuation?) Two tramps are waiting by a sickly looking tree for the arrival of M. Godot. ... http://www.theatrehistory.com/french/beckett002.html

Use the "right click" to see the meta tags at every webpage -- and you will hear Lucky speaks... "Keywords" -- who reads them? Robots. Machines.


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floor plan



UR :



UC : Tree
stamp (stage-on-stage)





CR : road



CC : T-section


CL : road






DC : road (Pozzo)


DL : stone (grave)

scene/monologue ____________

NOTES: godot'06

Lucky uses the road only (leaves the stage during his monologue and comes back).

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