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Diaries of Godot: 2009 notes on Dostoevsky's novel The Possessed -- filmplus.org/600

Who Godot is we do not know, but his notebooks were found in 2009 and I will publishing them now. [Ant]

To understand the frame of references -- read HamletDreams and R/G are Dead

Only now I have a small chance to finish my nonfiction projects! POV, Tech and others.

... and even The Caligari, the web-book?

The mind of Guildenstern was too week to deal with secrets of life and death!

Another life for this show? 2009 -- Godot speaks!
Also, the Godot Pages are in Total Directing and direct.vtheatre.net (part I - V). CHAPTER 3. Early Theatrical Works
Theatre (Review of Waiting for Godot) [ The Critical Response to Samuel Beckett by Cathleen Culotta Andonian; Greenwood Press, 1998 ] :

It is a poetic harlequinade--tragi-comic as the traditional Commedia DelĺArte usually was: full of horse play, high spirits, cruelty and a great wistfulness. Though the content is intellectual to a degree, the surface, which is at once terse, rapid and prolix in dialogue, is very much like a minstrel show or vaudeville turn.
Harold Clurman [ p.93 ] The Nation 182 ( 5 May 1956): 387-90.

Pozzo -- the play-within-a-play. Pozzo -- woman (statement?) B.'s wife? (new page -- cast character analysis for actors).

... in Act II the audience is viewed as being dead, hence beyond hope of being reached by the artist. (?)

Samuel Beckett and the Postmodern: Language Games, Play, and Waiting for Godot
Jeffrey Nealon [ p.106 ]

Game Theory -- Life as Game

... This affirmation of a noncentered world, this rejection of the grand Narratives, this celebration of play and language games is what most sharply separates the postmodern from the modern. [ p. 112 ]

In the end, I think Beckett asks us to consider a world that, in Derrida's words, "is no longer turned toward the origin, affirms play and tries to pass beyond man and humanism, the name of man being the name of that being who, throughout the entire history of metaphysics of ontotheology--in other words, throughout his entire history--has dreamed of full presence, the reassuring foundation, the origin and the end of play." [ 112 ]

CLOV (imploringly) Let's stop playing.
HAMM Never!

Giving Birth "Astride of a Grave," Samuel Beckett: 1906-1989 [p.416]

Eiffel Tower -- doesn't look like a tree (and leaves? what kind?) eiffel tower site!

SET page? [ The Concept of Time and Space in Beckett's Dramas ] Happy Days and Waiting for Godot

Where is "tragic" music? We do not have it!

* Mr. Godot = "manniquin" (within the audience) manikin = dressed as typical Alaska guy.

Samuel Beckett: The Last Modernist (Paperback)

"The rigorous use of the unities is demanded by the implacable interpretation of human life. The denouement of the play is another beginning ... the curtain descends over [the tramps'] immobility. In scene after scene the permanent absurdity of the world is stressed." -- "Dionysus in Paris". Wallace Fowlie. New York: Meridian Books, Inc., 1960. p. 210-214.

"Godot is not a play, but state of mind." (Beckett's director)

"It is interesting to compare this passive despair with Beckett's own life. In 1929, after writing a study of Proust, Beckett formed a theory that routine is the "cancer of time". Giving action to theory, he gave up his post at Trinity College and wandered around Europe for eight years in a directionless quest or, what we would call in the present day, 'finding oneself'.

Certainly, none of the characters in the play evolve beyond what we are introduced to. They simply stagnate in passivity and repetition; a self-made purgatory." *


I gave them at rehearsals Muller (Hamletmachine), Dada texts as mental warmups... More should be thrown at them: Chekhov, Shakespeare, Stoppard & etc. they should be rehearsing "other" plays in order to rehearse Godot. Up to... and during the run! (list)

"American Take" -- more attention! "American Godot" -- my problems, drector's. More details (symbols)... PostAmerica Files + POV and Tech? [ how? ]

Tom Stoppard. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead online texts to use! (Influence on Lucas Reckless is natural). Plus, Albee, Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf ("Zoo Story" -- dark American take).

British Comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus scripts * (select a few)
pet.txt, for example.

“I am always deeply puzzled when people say of Beckett “Oh, he’s so difficult!”—or avant garde, or complex, or. . . . ambiguous. It is the profoundest nonsense, for Beckett is perhaps the most naturalistic playwright I know of, as well as the clearest and least obscure. The “obscurity” resides in the assumption of obscurity. I know that if Beckett’s outdoor plays were set on suburban terraces, and the indoor ones just inside those terraces, in suburban living rooms, everyone would be the wiser, certainly the less puzzled. We are most comfortable with the familiar.”
Edward Albee

"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out." - Alfred Hitchcock [ "Waiting" is most stressful experience. My experience. ]

"Movie directing is a perfect refuge for the mediocre." - Orson Welles [ "no directing" directing, according to stage directions by Beckett. ]

quotes from Godot (?) top.txt --

"American" Images -- costumes. ??

Virtual 3 Sisters
"Godot-related" pages @ Total Directing and Stagematrix (subdirectories: 1 - 5). How to link and use them?

Method Acting: Actor = Character (Cast is not willing to go "personal"). Perhaps, they are too young...

Light: "tragic" (b/w) and "comedic" (color) in act two...

Two Becketts: Modernist and postmodernist.

Bakhtin (Culture of Laughter) and carnival tradition...

Commedia "numbers" -- list

Monologue Study: 1 101 * 2 comedy * 3 drama *

Waiting UAF

[ images, symbols ]


Homecoming [ Harold Pinter the Birthday Party, the Caretaker, the Homecoming: Faber Critical Guides (Paperback) by Bill Naismith 0571197817 ] : Fall 2006 [Complete Works: Three : The Homecoming, Tea Party, the Basement, Landscape, Silence, Revue Sketches (Complete Works) (Paperback) 0802150497 ]

Beckett and Shakespare (Tragedy, Hamlet and Comedy, 12th Night)

Beckett and Oscar Wilde

Was my own Mickey Mouse influenced by Beckett? Good question!


Mise-en-scene: the secret of the 9 squares. DS Left... opposing to DSR (stone, grave in our design); place for Vladimir & Estragon eternal unity (unlike "the tree area", unity of the present). DSR -- all four fall down, all meet on the ground...


Very "American"... Really? Prove it.
Say, I am happy.
I am happy.
So am I.
So am I.
We are happy.
We are happy. (Silence.) What do we do, now that we are happy?
Wait for Godot. ( Estragon groans. Silence.)
Does it work, friend?

How to make it "2006"?

* 'Godot', let it be stipulated, is pronounced Go-dough, accent on the second syllable.

Pozzo: We can easily see why a Pozzo would be unnerving. His every gesture is Prussian. He may be a Gestapo official clumsily disguised. [A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett Book by Hugh Kenner; Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1973 p.30]

Revising Himself: Performance as Text in Samuel Beckett's Theatre S.E. Gontarski [ Journal of Modern Literature, Volume 22, Number 1 ] -- In retrospect, it may seem self-evident to proclaim that the Samuel Beckett who authored Waiting for Godot in 1948 and the Samuel Beckett who staged it at the Schiller Theatre, Berlin, in 1978 were not the same person, no less the same artist... DIRECTOR'S NOTES

The riddle of the "Waiting for Godot" as fresh today, as it was 50 years ago, when the play was performed in Paris. Everything is mistery about this script, which is considered a masterpiece of XX century theatre. Got the Noble Prize in literature in 1969! Why an Irish man would write iit in French? Why in violation of all drama rules known? Why would Samuel Beckett refuse to explain anything?

I feel that I have to explain everything. The play, the set, the reasons to direct this text...

Who is Godot?

Who are the characters?

Where does it take place?



What Pozzo and Lucky are for?

What is the meaning of each name?

Where are they when not on stage?

Why this mannikin is sitting with the public? (UAF touch).

Why the stone is a gravestone? And with Beckett's name? (Also, our light humor).

Why the tree looks like an atenna? (Our interpretation).

Why does Lucky have so much stuff?

What are about the leaves appearing on the dead tree in act two?

I have more question now than I began to rehearse the play!



Everything ... that Beckett asked not to explain!

What is the meaning of the story?

Well, the author thought that public is a part of the play and we ourselves must have our own conclusions. Think of yourself and your own life.

Perhaps (favorite word of Sam), we should leave the questions for you to think about. Think.

Anatoly Antohin

PS: Questions I wish I could ask the public. Perhaps, I can place a poll on godot pages? Mostly, about the Identification with the play (world of Beckett) and the characters/losers...

When? ...

Theatre UAF. 3rd dress. Tara Maginnis (costumes & photos) * April 5.2006 (some are in shows.vtheatre.net/godot/pix directory)

alone Simplicity!

"Primitive" emotions > complex thoughts!

"Do you want to know how Method works with Beckett?" (I asked my actors) "Give your own life to the characters. Your thoughts, your memories, your identity"...

They are young, the actors. Too young for "Method"? Theatre for them to take, Hamlet gives them more than they can give to "Hamlet"...

Left out

IDEAS: Puppets, shadow theatre -- Didid and Gogo are playing on the moon with hands (birds, dogs, children)

"Things" that are left on stage -- Godot? Notes? Papers? Moon surface. City is near by? What kind? Sound of traffic (?)

When do they use the "Close-Open" sign? "Open" at the end. Who turns it?

Off stage life --

4.12.2006. The rest is for PS (postmortem-like), "post-production" phaze (web).

400 Years : 3 Steps : our heroes




Samuel Beckett's Theatre
The next issue of Assaph: Studies in the Theatre (Number 17), the English-language theatre journal published by Tel Aviv University , will be devoted to the plays of Samuel Beckett and will be dedicated to Martin Esslin. The journal will consider essays focusing on specific Beckett works for stage, radio, or television , productions of Beckett's plays, as well as topics which place Beckett's writing in particular cultural, historical, philosophical, national, or theoretical contexts, or in relation to the works of other playwrights and modern and contemporary thinkers. The editor is Linda Ben-Zvi ( lindabz@post.tau.ac.il ), Department of Theatre Studies, Tel Aviv University , Tel Aviv, Israel 69978.

'Birth was the death of him.'
An International Conference in honour of Samuel Beckett's Centenary Avenue Campus, University of Northampton , 1st - 3rd December 2006

hwanted or http://shows.vtheatre.net/godot/images/hw.bmp
The sign on the "tree" (and "Closed" -- act one, "Open" -- act two, on other side)...

Tragedy -- teenager's POV of life... (Secrets of Genre).


Why do they have to leave the place? Where do they go?

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