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I do not think tha Anatoly is mad enough to write anything good.

Still reading his webpages.



Waiting is therefore a condition of man; it involves an acceptance both of death and of life. [ Self ]


"Thinking about a show" vs. "directing a show"... (web and internet)

Concept and Post Mortem... [Questions for the Public: students, audience, cyber folks] slight
2006: Total Directing

The Broken Window: Beckett's Dramatic Perspective by Jane Alison Hale; Purdue University Press, 1987 : In Beckett's drama, on the other hand, the only point of view available to the dramatist and the spectators is as partial as that of the characters; we move along with them in the fragmented time and space that compose their universe, and while we may see them from a different perspective than that from which they see themselves, our vision is no more reliable nor stable than theirs.For we are observing people drifting purposelessly through the same undefinable, formless time and space that we ourselves inhabit; in our age, there exist no others. [17-18]

[ Bakhtin? "Dostoevsky's Poetics" ]

... When limits are vague and constantly eroding, "here" and "there" and "now" and "then" become confused; continual movement, or "déplacement," which is the primary characteristic of Beckett's (and our) conception of space and time, impedes perception, whose prerequisite is stability. [18] POMO?

Directing Space and Directing Time in Stagematrix.

Unities: Beckett has indeed broken radically with the classical unities in order to create images of a new kind of time and space in his drama.His plays, however, have often been described as classical in their own right.

* In Beckett audience is on stage. On the set. (Should the curtain in the house be up? Let them feel uncomfortable. Or to raise the courtain at the end -- you are on stage. After the final words "Lets go.") [from Book of Spectator]

And the house lights are up -- actors "do not move" (script).

Canned applause?

Curtain call... how? As no curtain call at all!

Something is missing... Strong directorial choices are a must!

Godot and vtheatre (virtual theatre)? Ideal for Internet2? (my paper -- research directory)

* Scenes (and monologues) for directing and acting classes (list, comments for students).

Anatoly's Blog

Virtual 3 Sisters
Fugard Island and Vladimir/Estragon: modern/postmodern

Rising moon. Evening into night: clowds (video) -- how slow?

Is this screen against the play (story)?

Montage in it's principle (Kuleshev Effect) is "absurd" (unrelated shots combined by our need for logic). "Collage" in postmodern.

Eisenstein writes about "neutrality" of shots. How accidental is association?

"Chaos Theory" and pomo mind (cinema mentality = film century). POV topics?

Is it "audience oriented" piece? Almost "readers theatre"?


"Beckett in Alaska" (paper?)

Moons... fullmoon



"Web-produced shows" (Bergman, Wild Strawberries), the shows I will never stage. "Theatre of One"...

... [Another] story has Beckett rejecting the advances of a prostitute on the rue Godot de Mauroy only to have the prostitute ask if he was saving himself for Godot. ***

Beckett & Internet: not only about the presence of B. and "About B." on the web, but the nature of performance/act of webbing/surfing. "Waiting for Godot" -- search. Chaos -- WWW.

Something I didn't talk in vTheatre [ new ] (PSI 2001); cyber performance [ ... ] "Beckett-like" structure of behaviour in virtual theatre.

vTheatre = web as a new performance medium?

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upstageNo, I, director, is not upstage. I am off stage...

As well as a spectator.


godot PS

b-images To talk about Beckett is to remember about Sophocles, Shakespeare, Chekhov... And Aristotle...

Themes pages in script.vtheatre.net

And think about us, USA 2006...

About myself, about Anatoly...

My journey to Godot:

[ image ] Oedipus

Shakespeare HamletDreams...

webshow --


chekhov 3 Sisters revisited: "waiting theme" or "waiting game"?

Vershinin and Vladimir? Baron and Estragon? No kidding?

Beckett and Joyce (dream project).

"Before Beckett" and "After Beckett" (Pinter, Mamet and the usual suspects).

"The End of Theatre" -- take it seriously!

So things may change
No answer
No answer
I may choke
No answer
No answer
Sully the mud no more
No answer
The dark
No answer
Trouble the peace no more
No answer
The silence
No answer
No answer
DIE screams I MAY DIE screams I SHALL DIE screams
- How it is 

Theatre UAF. 3rd dress. Tara Maginnis (costumes & photos) * April 5.2006 (some are in shows.vtheatre.net/godot/pix directory) * act one


British comedy tradition:

Albatross From: Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl

Salesman: (shouting) Albatross....albatross....albatross.... albatross....albatross...albatross....albatross....albatross

Man: Two good humors please.

Salesman: I haven't got any good humors, I've just got this bloody albatross....(shouts) Albatross

Man: What flavor is it?

Salesman: It's a bird mate, it's a bloody bird, it's not any bloody flavor....(shouts) Albatross

Man: It's got to be some flavor, I mean everything's got a flavor.

Salesman: All right, it's blood albatross flavor, it's bloody sea bloody bird bloody flavor.... (shouts) Albatross

Man: Do you get wafers with it?

Salesman: Course you don't get bloody wafers with it, it's a bloody albatross isn't it...(shouts) Albatross

Man: I'll have two please.

Salesman: I've only got one you cocksucker....(shouts) Albatross....albatross.... albatross....albatross

[ in class ] [ Two clowns : Hamlet : R/G are Dead ]

Moon is postmodern, seen only when there is light to fall on it.

But how would we know about sun, if not that insivivble without light matter in space.

But what there is no matter, space only?

Oh, yes, 100 years since Beckett's birth.... Time to write Director's Notes.

photo by Kade Mendelowitz

next season: Post Beckett = Pinter + Mamet