Vladimir and Guildenstern

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
Vladimir I and Vladimir II (Vladimir playing Vladimir, act 2)

John R. Moore, in a vase essay on Godot, has suggested that we may consider "Gogo and Didi as very distant (perhaps the last) descendants of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza."

Vlad. reads abook (without a cover)?... Glasses? Margnifying glass?

Biker's gloves (without fingers).

Use of props (list)

Minimalist Concept: Packets and Beckett (?) Paper on use of hats in the play (!) Boots...

* Tableaus -- a striking or artistic grouping * a depiction of a scene usually presented on a stage by silent and motionless costumed participants [short for tableau vivant (from F, literally, living picture)]

Act I starts with V. slapping E. (he left him and spent a night alone for the first time -- this is why play begins here).

End of Act I -- V. trying to kill E., who prentends to sleep. Leaves. Estragon opens his eyes. Intermission.

Vladimir = Didi (?)

Vlad = Beckett (Sam)?

Why slavic name? ("Owner of the world")

V. -- Circular movement, follows the pattern on the floor (Theatre UAF design).




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VLADIMIR, godot06

Vladimir says, "Habit is a great deadener."
Near the play's end, Vladimir puts the question of "waiting" quite frankly and eloquently. Waiting equals existing within a time scheme that permits none of the comforts of eternity.

Estragon, having struggled with his boots in vain, is dozing off again. Vladimir looks at him.] He'll know nothing. He'll tell me about the blows he received and I'll give him a carrot. [Pause.] Astride of a grave and a difficult birth. Down in the hole lingeringly, the gravedigger puts on the forceps. We have time to grow old, The air is full of our cries. [He listens.] But habit is a great deadener. [He looks again at Estragon.] At me too someone is looking, of me too someone is saying, He is sleeping, he knows nothing, let him sleep on. [Pause.] I can't go on! [Pause.] What have I said?

[Samuel Beckett: The Language of Self Book by Frederick J. Hoffman; Southern Illinois University Press, 1962 150-151]

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Theatre UAF. 3rd dress. Tara Maginnis (costumes & photos) * April 5.2006 (some are in shows.vtheatre.net/godot/pix directory) * act one

floor plan



UR :



UC : Tree
stamp (stage-on-stage)





CR : road



CC : T-section


CL : road






DC : road (Pozzo)


DL : stone (grave)

scene/monologue ____________

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