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Scenes and Ideas

Read the play, the knowledge of Hamlet is required for the audience (live and cyber)!

Each of us is Hamlet, it's not the choice, but the situation. Hamlet is the frame of the modern man, the one and alone.

In Postmodern (POMO) conditions it's even more radical. Action is impossible. Only reflections.

If you know the cycles of working on the show and/or movie, you understand that after the Pre-Production period in the Production period (see Film Directing). That is where we are now (Oct. 2001). WebTheatre has the Post-Production cycle, like in filmmaking. Web has printing and broadcasting qualities and therefore any web-eveent has its after-life. We will continue to collect the opinions about the judgement over Hamlet even after the show is over. Take a moment to vote!

This directory was built for pre-production and production period, but with the Virtual Theatre shows we have post-production period as well. So, I will continue to work on the pages in order to develop the web version of the HamletDreams.

My comments on the texts: Not the father, not his soul, but SPIRIT! Oedipus-UAF

Boris Pasternak -- biblio link (Russian translation) *

Hamlet2001 Intro

HamletDreams, an adaptation

The Tragedy Of Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

by William Shakespeare

Hamlet Dreams






Everything is hypertext on the web, and this is the hyperdrama of the cyber-space...

Every word in our mind is contextual, hyperlinked to my personal frame of refernces; therefore I have my own unique "interpretation" of everything. "Open Structure" and Dialogism by Bakhtin. Only now it became visible...

More, now it's a requirement. But about the linear narratives?

I reintroduced Ghost to many new scenes. He comes, no words, he is silent, he leaves. His parallel existance is shown.

How different is this from my two Hamlets, who live next to each other?

Hyperdrama? I'll finish this talk later. I promice.

Act I Scene V. Elsinore. The Castle. Another part of the fortifications.

Enter Ghost (VO) and Hamlet.

Hamlet Whither wilt thou lead me? Speak! I'll go no further. 
Ghost. Mark me. 
Hamlet I will. 
Ghost. My hour is almost come, 
    When I to sulph'rous and tormenting flames 
    Must render up myself. 
Hamlet Alas, poor ghost! 
Ghost. Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing 
    To what I shall unfold. 
Hamlet Speak. I am bound to hear. 
Ghost. So art thou to revenge, when thou shalt hear. 
Hamlet What? 
Ghost. I am thy father's spirit, 
    Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night, 
    And for the day confin'd to fast in fires, 
    Till the foul crimes done in my days of nature 
    Are burnt and purg'd away. But that I am forbid 
    To tell the secrets of my prison house, 
    I could a tale unfold whose lightest word 
    Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, 
    Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres, 
    Thy knotted and combined locks to part, 
    And each particular hair to stand an end 
    Like quills upon the fretful porpentine. 
    But this eternal blazon must not be 
    To ears of flesh and blood. List, list, O, list! 
    If thou didst ever thy dear father love- 
Hamlet O God! 
Ghost. Revenge his foul and most unnatural murther. 
Hamlet Murther? 
Ghost. Murther most foul, as in the best it is; 
    But this most foul, strange, and unnatural. 

Ghost shows on one of the Hamlets how it was done.

* GODOT.06: Doing Beckett => main stage Theatre UAF Spring 2006 *


The mindscape! In Hamlet's or your mind.


There are no answers to real questions. Only more REAL questions.


Wedding or funeral? Death as a birthday party.

Shakespeare - Hamlet, Act III, scene I "To be or not to be" Derek Jacobi performs BBC 1980.

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