Rosencrantz and Guildenstern -- 2008

... Why not two grave-diggers, but R & G?

Ah, because they got killed!

For nothing?

For betrayal of Hamlet? For not knowing themselves? Betrayal of yourself...

They are not friends to each other; how could you be a friend to anybody, when you are not a friend to yourself?

... What a playwright!

After working on "R/G are Dead" with actors for two months. How not to value Shakespeare? Stoppard -- "small (little) tragedies" (Pushkin). Tragic Poet and not just a writer. [ I have to write director's notes ].

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... Spring 2008 [ R/G are Dead ] and webcast ?

LUL Theatre -- Shakespeare in Amharic?

The Shrew : mini version [Pete - Kate - Grumio] in English -- first season, together with Chekhov's Farces.


Modern composition [Hamlet At the National Theatre] -- why ? Is it needed in Ethiopia of the third millennium?

... what scenes to teach theatre at Lul Teatr Academe?

Search and research by yourself; there are many "better" places to study Shakespeare and Hamlet -- This directory was originated for my production and I collected only what I might need...

MIT' Hamlet, online play

The post-production period (Spring-Summer 2002) is about arranging the matterials of the live HamletDreams show into the web-version, when the cyper-public will be able actively participate in the web-event.

First, the ability to follow the story and vote. Second, doing it in REAL-TIME (many at the same time with the results in real time).

Third, to give the public choice to rearrange the narrative and present their stories (compositions) to the cyber-audience. Another round of web-events, following the model.

What is to be done?

The image directory must be reorganize, so the public can select the pictures of their preference. The same with the sound effects.

Redesigning the costumes, set, light on the web?



2007 -- I am 58; I do not teach, I am a student, who does his endless homework...


"Drama of Suicide"... Horatio: Friend to Hamlet and the one person Hamlet truly trusts. Witnesses King Hamlet's Ghost in Act I. At the end of the play, Horatio wishes to commit suicide to join Hamlet in death but Hamlet convinces him to live so he can tell his story, restoring Hamlet's name. * GODOT.06: Doing Beckett => main stage Theatre UAF Spring 2006 *

Monologue Study: 1 101 * 2 comedy * 3 drama *

* Start your director's notebooks, when you are young, in school. AA


Hamlet, "Son of Oedipus"

Hamlet2001 Notes

I use Hamlet in all my classes, especially, in Drama: * Shake Page *

R/G are Dead'08 (tarot themes : game, play, stage, actung, masks... )

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Shakespeare Pages: thr theory comedy...

12th Night

The Shrew

[ relations between Hamlet & the comedies ]

* Shakespeare and the rest : Sophocles * Chekhov * Beckett

* Shakespeare and Postmodern [ many PoMo pages ]

Leonardo, style, drawing...


The play was written 400 years ago -- 1601. It is current today no less than in the Elisabethian times. Hamlet is the first paradigm of the "modern man" -- a few centuries later we still answer his questions. What is justice, how and when, if ever, the revange is the justice? What and how does the young mind see it today? Hamlet is a fiction, a myth, but the moral questions are real. This is why we tried to make "HamletDreams" interactive, open for the public. What is why you see the "chorus" or the "jury" between the stage and the public. They are there to help you to vote on the guilt or innocence of each major character.

"HamletDreams" is not a period piece, neighter it is a production of the world masterpiece; it's our exploration of the Shakespearin themes. Our story begins where "Hamlet" ends, with the death of all. They come back to present their cases, why they did what they did. There are eight scenes, the high points of this tragedy, maily representing the love story of Hamlet and Ophelia. We have two Hamlets and two Ophelias on stage; to express the inner conflict each of them has.

There are two worlds our heroes live in; one is the kingdom of the dead and another -- where they recall their stories, memories of life and living. Between the two is the place of judgement, where we all, including the actors, can see both zones -- the life and the afterlife. On stage and in our imagination, we can do it, compare the two.

Usually, the Ghost of the king Hamlet is a guest in the play, a visitor. In "HamletDreams" he starts the show and he is present, when the heroes' lives end. The spirits too learn how to forgive without forgetting. Do they judge us? Yes, but mostly themselves. Who is right and when? Each of us has our own story to tell. Our mind is this courtroom and this is how we wanted to arrange the of action -- as a mindscape.


Anatoly, Sept. 2001

NB. "Notes" page is about what I would like to have in the show, because -- I don't have it yet.

The after-show time.

The photo below is the L.'s death, when Polonius and one of the Ophelias re-enter the world of the living. The second Ophelia goes to dying Hamlet.

It should be more than two (as I planned), at least, more than two Hamlets!

Anatoly 2002

You would see on the webpages some notes from the vTheatre Forum:
Date: Sun Oct 14, 2001 1:10 am
Subject: hamlet DREAM thoughts

Hamlet and ophelia and their multiple characters

Pushkin said " Shakespeare is our father". On that note POMO Man and woman are no longer connected. The gender is broken and the " body is without organs" (Soul). The broken link requires all to make decisions/choices/thinking. The broken link of gender reverberates in all links being broken (Syndrome of everone for them self). Hamlet DREAMS a spectacle of the "first POMO"S". RAF

For the full exchange, go to the egroup! Aristotle on Tragedy

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Уильям Шекспир Гамлет (Акт пятый. Сцена вторая.). Перевод Алексея Цветкова [2008.8]

Акт пятый. Сцена вторая

Входят Гамлет и Горацио.


Ну вот и все. Теперь могу продолжить —
Ты не забыл, о чем я говорил?


Я помню все, милорд!


Я там лежал, а в сердце шла война
И сон гнала из глаз. Я был мрачней
Мятежника в оковах. Торопливо —
Порой и опрометчивость права,
И торопливость не во вред, коль скоро
Хиреют наши планы — в этом есть
Урок, неведомое божество
Нам правит замыслы...




Я вышел из каюты,
Закутавшись в свой плащ, впотьмах нашел,
Где эти двое спали, и пошарил
У них в имуществе, затем вернулся
Опять к себе, где, позабыв манеры
От страха, вскрыл врученный им пакет
С инструкциями. Там лежал приказ —
О, подлость королевская, Горацио, —
Со ссылками на тысячу причин
Равно с английской стороны и с датской,
С ушатом грязи в сторону мою —
Мол, тотчас по прочтении, не медля,
Не потрудившись заострить топор,
Отсечь мне голову.


Не может быть!


Да вот оно, посмотришь на досуге.

(Вручает ему письмо.)

Ну, хочешь знать, что я затем предпринял?


Прошу, скажите.


Итак, в их гнусный невод угодив —
Они уж вон куда зашли, пока я
Мозгами пораскидывал, — я сел,
Придумал новый текст и написал.
Я раньше думал, этот почерк вязью
По чину крючкотворам, и пытался
Изжить его, но тут он сослужил
Мне службу. Не желаешь ли узнать,
Что я там написал?


О да, милорд.


Настойчивую просьбу короля
Любезному английскому вассалу,
Чтоб впредь цвело и крепло древо дружбы,
Чтоб мир гирляндой в колосках пшеницы
Их обоюдный овевал союз
И прочие чувствительные “чтоб”,
А по ознакомлении с письмом
Без болтовни и лишних проволочек
Подателей сего свести на казнь
Без покаянья.


А с печатью как же?


И тут мне провиденье помогло —
Я сохранить сумел отцовский перстень,
И датская печать на нем точь-в-точь.
Поставил подпись, все, как было раньше,
Сложил, поставил оттиск и вернул
Без подозрений. Утром приключилось
Сраженье. Ну, а дальше все тебе
Уже известно.


Прощайте, Розенкранц и Гильденстерн?


Их слишком увлекала эта роль,
Чтоб отягчать мне совесть. Эту гибель
Их собственные козни навлекли.
Для мелюзги опасно очутиться
Меж молотом и наковальней в миг
Stoppard & Shakespeare