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12th Night

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12th Night

Shakespeare Shakespeare is the reason why I love theatre, Shakespeare is the reason why I do not write plays anymore...

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shakespeare (as character), postmodern, century 21
"My Shakespeare"
From theatre

... shakespeare is a brand, a public SPACE, common place, he has to become personal property in order to be born again!

Summer stock theatres all are named after the Bard... "Festivals"?

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From PoMo
Shakespeare is perfect for postmodern experiments, he is the fondation of what should be called "Early Modernism"!

Perfect for interpretations, remakes...

Structure of his plays is almost composition(s) for staging! [ Hello, Brecht ]

And, he is a poet. Great writing, besides play-wrighting.

... "Shakespeare for the 3rd Millennium" [ Yes, that's how we should see it : "Our father, Shakespeare," Alexandr Pushkin. ]

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PS :

Shakespeare is the starting point of modernity and modern theatre. The Greeks as a prelude...

NB :

400 years of theatre = "After Shakespeare"...
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Shakespeare in Love music video ( Stoppard wrote the script... )