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"Rosenstern" -- writing name of Guildenstern, who works on his graduate thesis about "Rosencrantz as Human" ( see 600 Files)

G. Notes (right table) and Notes by anatolant (anatoly.org)


Game, Fate or Luck ... lotto, and other mystery subjects.

... 600 files : idiotopedia [ idiot's manifesto ]



Life1.0 -- millions and millions of years of evolution, Life2.0 -- a choice of an idiot or accident...


Games with hats, gloves, pipes :

-It's mine.
- Sorry, I thought...

Ros is a shadow (dog) of Guil!

My/Actors' notes on vtheatre forum [ selection ]


Anatoly XXI blog ?

Guildenstern Page & PUPPET

... G (coins) - anger, Ros = wonder. "Heads and Tails"...

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G's Notes:

Times After Us is the postmodern. Guil.

It's impossible to imagine "times after me"... "Times Before Me" is history, if you believe in it.

... symbol/sign for each (nobles).

Vladimir and Estragon : Mind vs. Body : Guildenstern against Rosencrantz (conflict)

... POV? -- "This separates him from Rosencrantz, who does not seem to care very much what happens to him; from the Player, whose only goals are selfish; from Claudius, who is desperately trying to cover his lies; and from Hamlet himself, who is rarely forthcoming with his thoughts and feelings. Guildenstern is at times the voice of reason--though he also can be completely absurd. He therefore sometimes leaves the audience with no one at all to turn to, stuck in the middle of a group of people who can't tell day from night." [pinkmonkey]

Liberation of Rosenctantz from Guildenstern? ( Stages 1, 2, 3 ) --> t-blog (left)

Last Act -- Ros. dies to keep Guil. company...

... But first is the silent scenes of physical breakup = separation! (tearing up what?)

... Rosencrantz against Rosencrantz and Guildenstern against Guildensten.

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