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Acting2/Directing classes & Production
CONCEPT for part I in Fundamentals of Directing. [ Script & Director ]

... Director's design for Actor's ROLE (Character into Role: GuilRos, Player) + Set Design Idea + Light + Sound ... costumes & etc.

scenes & NARRATIVES : Thought STORIES in R+G... Shakespeare & Hamlet + Beckett and Godot

... new : See the photos @ Theatre UAF official website! 2008 HAMLET (flickr slideshow) R+G are Dead

Anatoly XXI blog ?


... costumes, props -- lists.

production meetings notes [calendar - wed]

"My Agenda" -- how to rehearse on "Style" ... tableaux vivans = living pictures [ named and numbered ]?

... Okay, you are not allowed to point out the weaknesses of the scripts by Shakespeare, but can I say about slapped together pieces of "texts" by Stoppard? Bad drama, even if it's good writing. I haven't heard anybody saying -- hey, man, this doesn't make sense (part 1 and 2 in the first meeting of R/G aith Player, act 1).


hamletdreams * texts * show
Seven years since Y2K 2007 & 2001 : Without Directions (R/G are Dead)

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Web-show? "Post-production", I won't be able to work on this project, while I am directing the play...

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wwwilde english witty dialogue tradition?

See the photos @ Theatre UAF official website! 2008 HAMLET (flickr slideshow) R+G are Dead

What does this project have to do with Hamlet? Just to help me transition to my own story, without losing the structure and the general themes. I do not want it to stay shapeless like Diary; it has to have a narrative. In fact, several narratives, since this is a hypertext.

* Calendar of the web-events will be posted in ...!


Production notes: -- editing. Other locations besides Fairbanks. NYC. Moscow.

form for participation : forum/list

... I have to remember that R/G is about me -- lost ("extra"), non-essentual ... and THEATRE, which passed by touching my face with its invisible wing.

What (historical) directions ? What could good directions be, besides stage directions?

Did Hamlet have his way out? Prince Hamlet, formely known as "Prince" -- what was he doing in Eisinore?

Did he want them to take him back to the university, the two who knew him as Hamlet, not "Prince Hamlet"... And how they address him -- ?

Betrayal -- that was obvious.

... "America 2008" (politics)

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