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Personal Politics [ "Stage Mirror" ]

Don't ask your government to do what you should do: it's your NO!

Next show -- "caligari-web" ?

How tired I am of valgarity, including my won. Nothing but the little man. "By the people, off the people... " -- even Chaplin, why should I care for somebody so primitive? Lovely -- and what? Oh, how pretty! Damn it!

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2008 -- notes about US and USA ?

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Web-show? "Post-production", I won't be able to work on this project, while I am directing the play...

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wwwilde english witty dialogue tradition?

NEW : See the photos @ Theatre UAF official website! 2008 HAMLET (flickr slideshow) R+G are Dead

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The whole thing is PS.


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... Hamlet3.0 -- American Elections 2008. [ Personal Politics ]

Are we friends?

Who are our friends?

No friend to anybody cannot be friend to himself.

What does story of R/G mean to us?

... PM : Would I direct this script again? No

Am I sorry that I directed it?

I do not know. How much R/G gave to stage -- little, post-show lessons about Postmodern -- it's about me, how much could I learn from obvious difference between High Modernity and Pomo.

First, it's not really a play, but dramatic composition, "script" - "text" (scenarion, movie like, or commedia). In filmplus.org/plays/rite -- about web-writing.

Theatre is a tool for Stoppard (perhaps, even for Beckett). Very Brechtian and could live only through negation of Aristotelian theatre, moonlighting. "Piece of Theatre"...

If drama is dead, maybe there is some hope for web-drama?

I should know better after directing Oleanna, "writing" instead of "playwrighting".

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