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... script : French scenes? [script breakdown]

... Fate in Oedipus [ themes ]

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... Try as they might, they cannot establish their identities or gain an understanding of the workings of the world around them. Rosencrantz simply gives up, reasoning that if no one will explain why he is in this situation, he is not going to fight that. He disappears. Guildenstern is sure that there must have been a time when they could have directed their own destinies, but he cannot identify when that might have been. Proclaiming that they’ll ‘know better next time,’ he too disappears. Thus Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who nobody could ever tell apart, are swallowed up by their own lack of individuality. [pinkmonkey.com]

... Style ... tableaux vivans = living pictures [ named and numbered ]


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first scene : not about them, by the world from RosGuil's POV. "Playing Children"...

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Web-show? "Post-production", I won't be able to work on this project, while I am directing the play...

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wwwilde english witty dialogue tradition?

piano con2 midi + Godot child's tunes.

Who reads Nietzsche? Guildenstern. Quotes [ screen? ]


Madness... is a norm in mad world (second nature, human universe).


Ros vs. Guil -- how different? The same and the opposites as "0" and "1" [digital system]

NEW ... See the photos @ Theatre UAF official website! 2008 HAMLET (flickr slideshow) R+G are Dead

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• Scene 1
• Scene 2
• Scene 3
Act Two
• Scene 1
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Act Three
• Scene 1

Name for each scene?!

... filmplus.org/plays/hamlet2.0

in acting2 class -- scene analysis -- homework (breakdown this scene, act 3, boat, name episodes, justify action, motivations, and etc.)

... super-ojective or throughline:

* Action (plot)

* Hero - character (how does the scene advance it?)

* Idea (thought) themes --

[ 3 Structural Principles by Aristotle, The Poetics ]

-- Functionality


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