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... "I do not believe in England."

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... and in God?

film600 : Self & Eternal Return (dict) : Ultimately it was meant to be Nietzsche's affirmation of life. Regardless of the fact that we would re-live every moment over and over again we should shout: "yes" to life. It was an expression to dis-value all concepts of an other worldly estate so we would treat the "now" as if it was eternal.

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Web-show? "Post-production", I won't be able to work on this project, while I am directing the play...

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wwwilde english witty dialogue tradition?

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... Lao Tse


The images, the world is very close...

CUs -- how to express it?


My poems in POV?

... Existential in Stoppard (PoMo).

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