“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” William Blake
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... Theatre UAF April 18 2008 -- show opens. See the photos @ Theatre UAF official website! 2008 HAMLET (flickr slideshow) R+G are Dead

Anatoly XXI blog ?
NB. When I began this page (directory), I thought about staging my own death.

... Now it is about production of R/G are Dead.

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From rg08
PM (postmodern) leaves you empty; praying for neo-modernism...

anatoly vs. anatolant

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* Another unfinished project... work-in-progress or under construction (i.e. LIFE).

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Web-show? "Post-production", I won't be able to work on this project, while I am directing the play...

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wwwilde english witty dialogue tradition?

If you read Virtual Theatre pages, you know that this new medium consists of several "old" fields, like Theatre, Film and ... Web. Well, I have directories for web as well.

Theatre UAF

It will take a year only to get there. I had a lot of problems with combining the live show with the live video shooting... live webcasting. First, there are two crews (and two production meetings each week), because the video spectActors must rehearse their parts (three-cameras and the live editor). Besides, the prerecorded (forth channel). And, the post-production cycle!

So, we never had time to do it all. The idea is to start digging the tonnel from the other (web) side.

I do not paint for over a year, the webbing is a substitution.

symph10 midi

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