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Anatoly Antohin
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The pre-production period for a show extends itself to a year and longer. Web pages with notes and analysis, and containing the concept and research for the play, serve as dramaturgical tools for cast, crew and the cyber theatre community. In addition to a redefined pre-production, there is a new component -- the post-production, which is open-ended. Using the web and Internet redefines a college production, making it truly educational.

Terms and definitions: glossaries

* "Virtual Theatre" : All the world's a stage (from "As You Like It" 2/7). And all the men and women merely players... Shakespeare

* "Web Show" : Live Performance, Film/Video, Webcast [formats]

* University Theatre : academic position

i2day UAF

Theatre UAF season

3.23.2006 Fine Arts 301 2:25 pm

Thanks: Tara Maginnis, Kade Mendelowitz, department, students.

vtheatre intro

show slides-links

vTheatre Postmodern Project * 2006

Directing College Show in XXI century

"Private in Public" Stanislavsky (Method Acting formula)
I. History:

1. 3 Sisters by Anton Chekhov (Fall 1999 wedcast)

2. Russian American Theatre (1992-1994 archives)

3. Classes (web-supported cources)

4. Shows (past and future)

II. Philosophy:

1. Instruction or/and Entertainment (Brecht: Epic Theatre concept)

2. Dramaturg(ue) online (Theatre Structure Chart: Writer * Director * Actor * Public)

3. Directing ("Open Rehearsals") : Pre-production, Production, Post-Production

III. Present:

1. Godot'06 = under construction, work-in-progress

2. Webpages [director's notebooks, costumer, production archives, students]

3. eGroups (cast, crew, cyber-members) = webmaster [new role, dutties, "service" -- new, news and updates].

4. New Aesthetics -- ??? vTheatre directory *

IV. Future:

1. Teaching, Service, Research -- New "Tripod"?

2. "Theatre of One" (Spectator as Author)

3. A new muse? Not a replacement, but enhancement.

URL: shows.vtheatre.net/i2day.html

V. Questions

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