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I knew that I had to open a new page for this show! I'll post some research materials and the texts.
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The After-Thought
Opera is a spectacle. Like with Broadway, in its extreme the theatricality kills theatre. Something similar to experimental theatre when it's all about style.
Too many "technical" aspects, very little to do with acting -- and therefore with drama. Stiry is very linear, themes are limited. Music is not as complex in thought as one might think. Feelings are strong and primitive next to the thought process (drama).
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Opera is perfect for Biomechanics, but they are singers, not actors!

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The effects I am looking for. The plain set (both Kabuki and Noh) and the "dance show" lighting. (Except for the bridge; sidewise in act 2 and facing us as stairs in Act 1) Costumes are the set. They are the actors.

The snow.... and look at the pose, the head! Static, when the movement is explosive (karate).

No "fight scenes" in Mikado? I'll have one, I need it. For the parody, for establishing the style.

Nothing can be "natural, no, sir!

PS. Never got this style for actors, no time, no training. Not even a spoof on Kabuki. One has to know the original to go into a parody on it.

See the hands? Not full of fingers, but only two. That's the homework for actors. The gesture can't be produced without restricting the hand to two fingers.

The faces. What a smile! It has to stay on, it's a mask!

The crossed eyes, no neck, crossed arms -- again.


[ images are lost ]

Look at the executioner! Check his feet, his back! It's a service. Like pizza!

Good for designers (costume, light, set, makeup).

Just a few from my "Spring collection".... How to get it all from the actors? Oh, this is another story and another page. Go to Pre-pro, if you have never been there.
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[ this was the first Mikado page I made while rehearsing; now I ude Mikado scenes and monologues for scting and directing classes (public domain) -- comedy and comical ]

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New version of Mikado with songs in Amharic...

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