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... Krapp's Last Tapes [ dramatic principle ] ?

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Another story of old man dying (invisible, voice only). Invisible as in Kurosawa's Dreams. Young Bergman behind Dr. Borg. And -- "moment of death" in 8.5 ?

webshow -- spectacle

Mirror in Film & Movies class -- compare with "8.5" [Artist/Individual & Society]

Moment of Crisis & Death [Dying] -- see "Wild Strawberries"

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Project Utopia and even the FORM for

For Web, for Ethiopia, for Europe?

Returning to my childhood... I am still not old enough for that.



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... “арковский говорил, что каждый фильм Ч это поступок.

2007 : this is a "long wish list" title to direct...


RAT - Russian American Theatre

WishList: Rashomon: Kurosawa

Actually, I want to stage Fiver Station (hyper-drama, russian), to do what Tarkovsky did on the screen.


I keep writing Antohins XX (in russian).

Do direct in Russia?

... how to blend my Russian and American lives?


tarkovsky pages @ [ rublev * mirror * stalker ? ]

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Hamletmachine + HamletDreams ...

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Amarcord "Fellini Show" . . .


Maybe never...

Of course, this is "my show"... i.e. about myself.

There are many things must come together in order to have it, the show you really want.

Oh, mirror, mirror -- first memory of life and existence. Childish, immediate reflection, almost as in real life, almost...

Stage as mirror.

So naive, not as sophisticated as literature.

... Collect images and sounds. [ Antohins files in Russian ]

* new : Tarkovsky Pages (for film classes) [ analysis & directing ]

HamletDreams -- Hamlet

Wild Strawberries, another "concept-show" on my long wishlist...

[ no permission to stage the original script ]


PostAmeriKa files to connect with Father-Russia.

"Web-shows" -- my old desire, but ...



To write PLAY (composition) first. In English.

writing style? (see Mirror script in Russian)


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How to use video clips (new)?

From Tarkovsky

From Tarkovsky

2007 -- Tarkovsky 75

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Tarkovsky explains that editing cannot be the dominant structural element of a film, as the protagonists of Soviet montage cinema (Kuleshov and Eisenstein) maintained in the 1920Тs. The film image comes into being during shooting, and exists within the frame. As Donato Totaro explains, editing brings together shots which are already filled with time (1992, 24). The function of editing is to organize the time-images into a wave structure inherent to film, that is, the time-pressure wave. TarkovskyТs concept of time-pressure is like a meteorological time-front that propagates from shot-to-shot and throughout the film, or a cardiopulmonary time-pulse that thrust against the arterial walls of the scenes, bringing temporal oxygenation to the shots and overall meaning to the film-form.

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