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Oedipus05 * After so many years of webbing I cannot change the nature of my webpages -- they are what they were from the start; notes, thoughts, points I make for myself for classes and productions. Do they have an independent existence? Maybe, somewhere in the future...

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
Oedipus review
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2007 -- stoppard R/G are Dead [ and Project Utopia ]

...I only wish I could start doing it ten years ago. Or twenty.

The different types of directories here: 1. showcases (3 Sisters, 12th Night, Hamlet), the archives and the shows-in-progress (to direct)


Director's Notes are in each show's directory.

Pygmalion 2005
* Shaw * online *

Meyerhold @ Work *


Evaluation a Show:
Play: _________

Characters: (list ones your remember)
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Conflict (External and Internal):

Plot: (Linear * Epic * Cyclic * Plotless)
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Evaluation of Directing:
Play/Production: _______
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Names of Principle Actors and Characters:

Supporting Actors & Characters:

Evaluating the Designs:
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The Importance of Being Earnest

Summer 2005: ANTOHINS XX: family and the century (Russian).

Maybe the first my web-show (web only), in principle, using the web as a media. [ description in Engl. ] Virtual Theatre and The Russian Pages (new pages?)

* Notes for Russian readers? in Russian about the WEB and SHOWS directories? Where? (RAT) "Russian American Theatre"? Back, ten years later, now in cyber space?



Pinter - Homecoming
Theatre UAF * Fall.06

vTheatre Postmodern Project * 2006

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2006: Small Chekhov

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Lul for US & touring:

No-text shows -- visual theatre, director's & commedia's type

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Chekhov: Farces & Love Letters -- Fall 2005

Since 1998 I try to keep my notes on the web, but only in 1999 I began to make directories for the shows I direct. Not so much as director's prompt books, more like the notes. For myself and for those who work on the show. I do not have some special format, I try a new organization every time.

At first, "3 Sisters," I thought that this will be my only online Production Notes, but soon I realize that those director's notes could be helpful for student-directors. If the webpages could be organized into the showcases...

So, I had to rethink the method of arrangement, without loosing the original purpose. The third aim is educational too. To use the scenes and monologues for acting and directing classes. Well, I teach THR331 Fundamentals of directions in the Spring 2002 -- and the pages are not organized and linked in right order!

The "HamletDreams" is the most recent show (Fall 2001):






* Oedipus X : 2005 * Sophocles
Tragedy : case-study
Godot.06 UAF Main stage *

... I didn't keep rehearsals' notes (some are at groups - by the stage managers).

2007 -- I continue "notes taking" at + notes @ ...

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Oedipus X
Venice Carnival 2002 & DJ 2003

First page @ theatre with anatoly SHOWS

... About Anatoly? Resume + CV



Production Meetings : Notes for student-directors

Since this year I am a faculty-advisor to the Student Drama Association (responsible for Winter Shorts, student produced shows), which I iniciate 12 years ago, I would write a short summary for our (faculty) production mettings.

Spring 2002 Dangerous Liaisons: Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Director, Stage Manager (later -- Sound Designer, Props and etc.)

Reports: progress, deadlines.


New business

All take their notes.

Agenda for the next meeting.

Connections with the (weekly) Dept. meetings (publicity, pr, conflicts)

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Shakespeare - Dramatic Literature
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show cases (
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Author: Kathryn Farley
Northwestern University

Chekhov-One-Acts "Chekhov: Take 2" -- "Four Jokes + One Funeral", 1904 Anaton's death (new): last day, last hour. Six years since I directed "The Three Sisters" (why now and why the farces?)

Annensky about Chekhov (in Russian, the summer read), I envy the style -- very personal, almost if he himself wrote the play, as if he knows them, Masha, Olga, Irina... The secondary characters became the heroes, the jerks, the types from the comedies -- and we got the tragedy, Beckett only finished this journey.

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