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Deleuze and Guattari's statement in Anti-Oedipus that "tyrannical or democratic, capitalist or socialist, there has never been but a single state."
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Sound -- Lambarena : Bach to Africa (4, 9 tracks) + Radiohead? and -- screen page!
... The setting was an underground Royal bunker complete with decontamination chamber, temporarily protecting its inhabitants from the encroaching new holocaust. Characters who came and went also wore protective masks and gear to show that the outside air was contaminated. All had recondite facial and body tattoos and some body-piercing; the king had a shaved head recalling the concentration camp prisoners of World War II. Most Royalty sported crimson, blue or magenta hair, wore clothes made of luminous, metallic-looking plastics, and carried laser weapons instead of swords. http://www.oedipusmax.com/staging.htm


strophe 1

Sweet-voiced daughter of Zeus from thy gold-paved Pythian shrine
Wafted to Thebes divine,
What dost thou bring me? My soul is racked and shivers with fear.
Healer of Delos, hear!
Hast thou some pain unknown before,
Or with the circling years renewest a penance of yore?
Offspring of golden Hope, thou voice immortal, O tell me.

antistrophe 1

First on Athene I call; O Zeus-born goddess, defend!
Goddess and sister, befriend,
Artemis, Lady of Thebes, high-throned in the midst of our mart!
Lord of the death-winged dart!
Your threefold aid I crave
From death and ruin our city to save.
If in the days of old when we nigh had perished, ye drave
From our land the fiery plague, be near us now and defend us!

strophe 2

Ah me, what countless woes are mine!
All our host is in decline;
Weaponless my spirit lies.
Earth her gracious fruits denies;
Women wail in barren throes;
Life on life downstriken goes,
Swifter than the wind bird's flight,
Swifter than the Fire-God's might,
To the westering shores of Night.

antistrophe 2

Wasted thus by death on death
All our city perisheth.
Corpses spread infection round;
None to tend or mourn is found.
Wailing on the altar stair
Wives and grandams rend the air--
Long-drawn moans and piercing cries
Blent with prayers and litanies.
Golden child of Zeus, O hear
Let thine angel face appear!

strophe 3

And grant that Ares whose hot breath I feel,
Though without targe or steel
He stalks, whose voice is as the battle shout,
May turn in sudden rout,
To the unharbored Thracian waters sped,
Or Amphitrite's bed.
For what night leaves undone,
Smit by the morrow's sun
Perisheth. Father Zeus, whose hand
Doth wield the lightning brand,
Slay him beneath thy levin bold, we pray,
Slay him, O slay!

antistrophe 3

O that thine arrows too, Lycean King,
From that taut bow's gold string,
Might fly abroad, the champions of our rights;
Yea, and the flashing lights
Of Artemis, wherewith the huntress sweeps
Across the Lycian steeps.
Thee too I call with golden-snooded hair,
Whose name our land doth bear,
Bacchus to whom thy Maenads Evoe shout;
Come with thy bright torch, rout,
Blithe god whom we adore,
The god whom gods abhor.
287Enter OEDIPUS.

2005: Total Acting & Total Directing *
His curse is the kingdom, the people, folks, queen, being a hero...
"Ms McInnes' adaptation (heavily cut to fit into a required fifty minute performance time) was generated by a concern that many modern adaptations of Greek theatre pay too little attention to the role of the chorus. The question she set herself to test, as she puts in in her `Director's Notes', was this: `the chorus could conceivably be cut from the play without damaging the story line - so why is it there?'..." THEATER REVIEWS

Didaskalia Volume 1 Issue 4 - October 1994


They sing, the languages we do not know. And they dance. Butoh? OedipusX OedipusX I have to have titles for all scenes! Each scene is a story...

OedipusX PS: Connection between the chorus and the sphinx... Iocasta (Jocasta) is a part of this mystery? She was unhappy with the first husband (why?) -- the rest is the story we know.


OedipusX NB They scream dying. Stage the agony; right before the Oedipus' speech -- or during it. The guards shoot them -- and throw into the pit. Smoke. White pouder, desinfecting the corps... "Body bags"? Voice of praying all the time -- Muslim style.

OedipusX OedipusX


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Oedipus the king could make a real nice CD. Definitely would. 
Beverly Hillbilly Style!

Come and listen to a story about a troubled king,
A story so unique for him this song we sing
Never knew how troubled he was,
And that's why his name is pus. (Oedipus, that is.)

Incest and country music: 
That's not that unique. 
Definitely not. 
What if we did it from Oedipus' point of view? 
Little Mermaid Style!  

Look at my life,
Isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my family tree is complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm a king?
A King who has, everything.
Look at these holes
Stories untold
How many secrets can one family hold?
Lookin' around here you think, "Sure, he's got everything."
My mother's my wife and my honey,
I killed my father, want more? 
You want holes in my feet? 
I've got plenty. (Actually two)
But who cares, no big deal, I want more... 

That doesn't give Oedipus his due. 
No, definitely not. 
His mom was a pretty bad person for giving him away. 
But what would you do? 

Hold up!
What would you do?
Put holes in his feet and stop making tired excuses...
What would you do?
Cause' I don't want my hubby to go through what he's supposed to...

What would you do if your son was all cursed,
A prophecy telling him that he is the worst
He will murder,
And the only way to leave him is to, give him to a shepherd for a little bit of money,
And his daddy's off, somewhere getting killed now, by his own son now; I ain't got a love now.
Maybe you, think I'm a bad wife, but for me this is what I call life. 

Too bad Oedipus blinds himself in the end. 
Yeah, definitely is too bad. 
Yeah, he kissed those eyes, "Bye, Bye, Bye..."

I'm, doing this tonight,
I'll, never see the light,
I, know this can't be right, Sophocles c'mon.
I, loved them endlessly,
But, now I'll never see,
So, now it's time to leave, I'm stabbing my eyes.
I know that they can't take no more, it ain't no lie,
My sight will go out the door baby, bye, bye, bye...
Bye, Bye!

Wow ... that was like, archetypal. 

"I Killed My Dad"
By: Giovanna H

I used to think I had the answers to 
But now I know 
That life doesn't always go my way 
Feels like I'm caught in the middle 
That's when I realize


I killed my dad, 
yes killed that poor man 
Then I wed my mom, and the kingdom is not fine
While I still can see

I am the king
There is no need to protect me
It's time that I
Learn the real truth of my horrible past
I don't want to cause any heartache
But I'm prophesied to do so

CHORUS - repeat 

I am the king
But if you look at me closely
You will see it in my eyes
That I am going to go blind


(I killed my dad) I killed my dad and
now I'm wed to my mom, 
(Yes killed that poor man) I'm just 
trying to find how this came to be, yeah
(Then I wed my mom) oh now she's
killed herself 
(And the kingdom is not fine) And I'm blind
Because I hate myself
I killed my dad, yes killed that poor man, yes yes
Then I wed my mom, and the kingdom is not fine
While I still can see 
And now I'm blind, ooh
So I shall go now 

Nietzsche: The masses seem to me worthy of notice in only three respects: first as blurred copies of great men, produced on bad paper with worn plates, further as a resistance to the great, and finally as the tools of the great; beyond that, may the devil and statistics take them. PostAmeriKa
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Functions of the chorus
1. an agent: gives advice, asks, takes part

2. establishes ethical framework, sets up standard by which action will be judged

3. ideal spectator - reacts as playwright hopes audience would

4. sets mood and heightens dramatic effects

5. adds movement, spectacle, song, and dance

6. rhythmical function - pauses / paces the action so that the audience can reflect.

The chorus was usually made up of amateurs - 11 months training - the most expensive part of the production.

Music - most believe music was integral-most dialog was recitative (retch-i-tah-teev')

probably a singe flute, sometimes a lute
no one knows who composed the music nor what it sounded like
probably resembled oriental quarter tones
different modes of music associated with comedy or tragedy

mimetic - expressive of character or situation
in comedy - less dignified - jumping, spinning, etc.
In satyrs - lewd pantomime, etc.


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