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I don't know if I will direct O. in Ethiopia.

I won't do it in Russia.

I will be left with dreams about the show.

Some shadows of it is here...

For somebody else to dream.

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Oedipus: "Life ends where it begins."
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2005: The Game
"Show me the man whose bless is more than illusion, followed by disillusion." Oedipus in King Oedipus, Sophocles.
[ Sophocles (496-406 BC) wrote about 125 tragedies. Only seven are left. His plays are calm and nobly tragic, expressing the "golden mean" of Greek philosophy. Sophocles was the first dramatist to use a third actor. Perhaps his greatest play is `Antigone', which retells, in part, the ancient, tragic Oedipus legend. ]

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A Translation


D.W. Myatt


Major Characters

King Oedipus - the king of Thebes. A man ruled by a fate, according to which he is to murder his father and marry his own mother. Oedipus is unaware of the fact that he has already committed these dreadful acts. He is highly intelligent, short of temper, and impetuous.

Jocasta - the queen of Thebes. She is Oedipus' wife as well as his mother but is as ignorant about the latter fact as is Oedipus. She is a good and loving queen who does not hesitate to speak her mind.

Creon - Jocasta's brother. He is a responsible and loyal Theban citizen. Judicious, rational, and consistent in nature, he acts as a foil to the more impulsive Oedipus.

Tiresias - The blind prophet of Thebes, Tiresias has been blessed with immortality. He is the only one in Thebes who is aware of the facts of Oedipus' life.

Chorus - The Chorus plays a very important role in Greek tragedies by providing background information, commenting on the action of the play and revealing the psychological and emotional tenor of the action. In Oedipus Rex, the chorus is formed of Theban citizens who witness Oedipus' tragedy. They are a link between the actors and the audience because they voice the emotions, anxieties and concerns of the people watching the tragedy.

Minor Characters

A Corinthian Shepherd - An old man from Corinth, who brings the news of the Corinthian king's death. He is also the man who had presented the infant Oedipus to the Corinthian ruler after he had been abandoned by the Theban shepherd.

A Theban Shepherd - another old man who was a confidante of King Laius. He is the sole witness of Laius' murder and also the one to hand over the infant Oedipus to the Corinthian Shepherd.

[ Although both these shepherds are minor characters in the tragedy, they do play a major part in unraveling the mystery of Oedipus' birth and Laius' murder. ]

The two daughters of Oedipus - Antigone and Ismene make an appearance in the play although they are not assigned any dialogue.

A messenger, priests, attendants are the other minor characters.

Scene Summaries with Notes
• Prologue And Parodos
• Exposition And First Stasimon
• Rise In Action
• Climax
• Exodus
Oedipus Rex can be divided into a Prologue; an Exposition (First Episode); Rise of Action (Second Episode); Climax (Third Episode) and Exodus (Fourth Episode). Each episode ends with a stasimon, or a choral ode.

OedipusX play

Aristotle believed this was the finest tragedy because the protagonist's recognition of the truth coincides with the reversal of his fortunes.



Oedipus already got five different logos: Kubuki (style) -- chorus, Sophocles (Antiquity, classsic), Sphinx -- fate, David -- man, mask -- Anti-Oedipus [all are different directions for the show] ...




Before the show -- Waiting: Before the palace of Oedipus in Thebes. Suppliants of all ages are seated on the steps of the altars. Oedipus enters, in the robes of a king: for a moment he gazes silently on the groups at the altars, then speaks. (Should the chorus be there from the time we open the house?)


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1.22.05. I will be updating all pages, but the page new is to point at the changes (Picasso' Oedipus -- left).

The cast exchange is @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3sis (cast & crew must subscribe, but all are welcome to participate).

This is the last show I keep my production notes online.

I need a break to finish all the directories I already have (see SHOWS). I plan to use them as the case-study web=books for classes I teach. And I am way behind...

The eGroups for electronic communication with the actors still will be used in the future.

I teach Fudamentals of Directing -- and this directories will have many references to Oedipus.

Student-directors will be involved...

No webcast this time, but I will try to use the webpages as much as possible.

More after the "table period" = first week of (open) rehearsals, starting Mon. 1.24.05

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Good luck!


Oedipus (1896) [poem: Oedipus (1906) - poem by K.P. Kavafis] 
Written after reading the description of the painting Oedipus and the Sphinx by Gustav Moreau

The Sphinx has fallen on him
with her teeth and nails outstretched,
and all the savagery of life.
Oedipus collapsed beneath her first assault,
her first appearance terrifying him -
he'd never dreamt of such a form or
such a voice 'til then.
But though the monster rests
her paws upon his chest,
he quickly pulls himself together - and he
isn't frightened any more, because he's got
the answer ready, and will triumph.
Yet he takes no joy in victory.
His melancholy-laden gaze is not
upon the Sphinx, but far away, upon
the narrow road which leads to Thebes,
and which will finish at Colonus.
And in his mind a clear foreboding
that the Sphinx will speak to him again
with riddles that are vaster, and more
difficult, and answerless.
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Sophocles' "Oedipus at Colonus" 1984