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The idea was simple -- keep my directing notes online, preparattion, research, reflections. while rehearsing...
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To make process of directing transparent.

... and I tried.

Almost 10 years ago I started those pages


Well, this is for PS.

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Stage Directing Theory
Directing Theory: pre-text, text and super-text
* 2008 : R/G - last showcace
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Twelfth Night



Questions I try to answer, when I direct...
* Oedipus X : 2005 * Sophocles
Tragedy : case-study
The new questions I have, because I direct...


Many reasons why I do my production notes online (read, but one of them is the need to have the show I have in me expressed, or simply keep the vision recorded... yes, it's never the way you imagine it -- on stage it has its own forms and life; a lot is gain, discovered, -- and a lot is lost...
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I wish I could write the "concept" page for my stage directing class, the way I have it for film (Concept). You have to fight for images you have inside, it's not easy to give and to take...

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Directing UAF Shows Preface

2005: 2006: 2007 ...
In 1998 I discovered a new language -- HTML. Since 1999 I kept my "director's notes" for the productions at UAF. It began with The Three Sisters...

It's about to end with another Chekhov -- "Four Jokes and One Funeral" (Fall 2005).

No, I am not done with my "long list" -- or even with the "short list" of plays I wish to direct. I simply cannot make new webpages, when I cannot finish the old ones.

If you read my "webpages about the pages," you know about my webmaster's complains. In short, it's a lot of work. 'Webmaster" is a job, a full time job.

I didn't know it, when I hired myself as a webmaster. It was fun, when I began...

Yeah, it is difficult to let it go, man. Almost seven years I am behind the screen. You get used to your cell. What did I learn in my cyber prison?

We have some records about Meyerhold or Stanislavsky's directing. I didn't know that Efros was writing "Rehearsal, My Love" -- good that he did. I think Anatoly Vasiliev should have it, or I should say it to him... Not now, now is too late. Then, in the seventies.

I wish I would keep my notes then...

Too late.

Anatoly (


Of course, thre are some pages from the (long) "wish list" -- the titles I will never have a chance to direct. Bergman, Kurosawa, Tarkovsky ("Mirror" or/and "Amarcord" Fellini)... I have to write the scripts first...

I won't. I have to write what I must write -- first, I have to write what I have to...

Unless I can vTheatre pages keep running...


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"Oedipus"... many thoughts were left unfinished. The contemporary connections get lost first. In every show!


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